Thursday, July 22, 2010

tentang Things I Will Miss

1) AVCON 2010
Adelaide Convention Centre
July 23rd - 25th 2010

the Anime and Video Games Convention in Adelaide this year is back! i planned to send some artworks for competitions this year but since that i wont be here for the whole thing, i decided not to send any. it won't be as fun not being there during the event. but anyway it isn't too bad. been there last year. i'm not saying i expect it to be the same thing but just saying at least i have been there.

2) True Cinematic Gaming : Episode 4
Starcraft 2 - Wings of Liberty launch party
Gawler Twin Cinema, Gawler SA
July 26, 6.30pm
Event Facebook Page

this event is their first PC game event. and oh i am so sad i can't be there. i am a huge fan of starcraft (though not very good at it). starcraft was the first game ever that i waited for the release. the very game that i played at home, alone playing the single player campaign; played at school with friends at the computer room when our teacher was not looking; and the game that i played with friends in uni, gaming friends who set up a local bnet server.

3) WWE SMACKDOWN® @ Adelaide Entertainment Center
Aug 3, 2010

yeah i know. lol. i used to really love watching WWF and then stopped when i first started uni. when i moved into a house with some close friends who enjoyed WWE like me, we even subscribed PPV wrestlemania event one time XD. but this event, i will probably not go and buy the ticket or anything. the idea of being at that event is pretty awesome tho.

but sad as i am, i am now on my way to London, then to Newcastle, then to Edinburgh, then to Glasgow, and head to Paris, and finally back to London. this post was written on Monday, a scheduled post i made before going away.

i will not have a laptop with me during the trip, so most comments will probably not be replied instantly. but i will try to find a way to get online.. we internet junkies always will find a way right?

so till next time.. i'll be in EUROPE bebeh!!!

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