Monday, July 19, 2010

Event - True Cinematic Gaming Ep 3

the 3rd event of True Cinematic Gaming will be held today at Gawler Twin Cinemas, in Gawler. event starts 6.30pm and will end as late as 12.00am (but it normally ends around 11pm if not many attendees).

True Cinematic Gaming : Episode 3 is the third event of TCG, a fortnightly small competition for gamers to compete in various games of various (mostly) console games. although there is a favourite game that might be played, bet they are also open for suggestions of new games and good games with enough people to compete in. which means, a really good Halo player might win the first prize during Halo Night but during next episode, they may not have Halo anymore hence other people good at other games could have a chance to win as well.

but hey, its not the prizes that's important.. the the chance to gather with gamers and play console games on a huge cinema screen!

Gawler is a small town just outside Adelaide. almost an hour's drive from adelaide, and you can get there on the train (Gawler Line) which normally takes around an hour. unfortunately, Gawler line is being upgraded and it will take longer to get there. if you are taking the train, stop at Gawler Station (NOT Gawler Central) which is closer

i made a post about the Episode 2 event, there was a COD:MW2 competition that night.

although the event is fortnightly, there are sometimes special events. so, the next event, Episode 4, will be on the 26th of July. why that date? because episode will be sort of a Starcraft 2 launching party on the eve of Starcraft 2 launch date (27/07/2010). yays!

but............................. i wont be able to be there T_______________________________T

anyway, here's the poster for Episode 4 event.

and details about the whole thing can be found at TCG facebook page (follow link)

anyway, those people in adelaide area, grab ur mates and head to Gawler Twin Cinema tonight for True Cinematic Gaming Episode 3. tickets are $5 (spectators), $15 (competitors). there is a group discount tickets for competitors - $12 each for groups of 4 to 7 people,  and $10 each for groups more than 7.

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