Wednesday, April 22, 2009

'Four Seasons' - uniquely Rundle Mall

this is an advertisement made by thepra (the people's republic of animation), a local studio in Adelaide. cool name eh? they made some cool animation adverts as well.. check out their website

rundle mall is the shopping area in adelaide. a padestrian mall style shopping in the middle of the CBD. pretty cool place if u come to adelaide. not really for the shopping but for the people.. a lot of people. well i'd say people in midvalley megamall on a sunday supersale event would be a lot more but that's in KL.. it's different over there. Adelaide is a quiet country city, so.. that many people at one place is.. astonishing... in a way :D but the buskers there are always cool

hey i just realized these past few entries are in english. how cool is that?

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