Thursday, April 16, 2009

DWIV - modeling progress 4b +some crap

notice the title? progress 4b because i spent the day remodeling the legs and remodeling again .. and probably again. im kinda happy with the one i end up with but the screenies dont seem like i did much work today. well.. + minor proportion tweaks here n there. barely noticable

i'm feeling kinda pissed and puzzled with those crap life throws at me today. so waking up to a bad start today and most of the day today i was feeling shitty. u know that feeling u cant win.. no matter how hard u try and u have this feeling that whatever happens.. dude u're not gonna be happy.

aww crap.

anyway here's new progress. disregard the rants earlier. just me blowing off some steam :D


  1. huh...kecik je diri ni bile tengok work ko...

  2. :D

    takpe ko mude lagi. aku time umur 22 dulu pun tak reti 3d lagi. 3D games banyak le.. tiap2 tahun masuk WCG Malaysia main CS


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