Thursday, April 23, 2009

tentang Kangaroo Island, Australia

i'm going on a trip to Kangaroo Island today with my wife and her friends today.. wohoo!! cant wait to to do all the stuff we plan to do. there will be some jalan2 makan angin around kingscote, the town on that island.. maybe go around the island and see the native wildlife (kangaroos of course, koalas, emu, etc etc) and enjoy the island scenery. have a feeling this trip is gonna be awesome. did i mention we're planning to go fishing on saturday? i always fish in ponds when i was a little brat but never on a boat in the middle of the sea off an island.

so, camera.. check! batteries.. check!! backup batteries? no money for that. sure hope i wont regret not having any :P

here's a rough description of Kangaroo Island. it is the third largest island in state of South Australia (negeri dia nama tu),Australia. located seouthwest of Adelaide, from my house we'll be driving for about 3 hours and then another 1 hour ferry ride to kangaroo island. i'm not the driver but i think i'll need to study the map a little just in case. the island is a home for most native aussie wildlife plus seals, penguins, and sea lions. sounds cool eh? but i dont expect to get to see all of those critters. we'll need proper timing for that.

so i'll be back on sunday evening with loads of pics which i plan to upload like a handful here. it is now 1pm.. we'll be leaving in an hour but i still havent finish packing!!


  1. wah!! sgt best..
    dgn kak nadia lagi..
    doa2 la nisah kawin ngn ank org kaya...
    haha...bawak balik kanggaroo sekor..yg plastik pon jadi laaa...*u need to bring money for this* haha..

  2. Dropping by from BloggerUnited. Hey, congratulations :) That sounds fun. I've never been, but hope to go soon. Btw...were you influenced by the Tourism Australia ads? Hahah :)

  3. kangaroos are cute! XD

  4. back from KI!! had a great time there. thanks guys for dropping by and sorry for the late reply :P

    @NieSah mesti le dgn kak nadia. hehe.. tak kawin dgn orang kaya pun ok ape. blajar rajin2 nanti dapat scholarship.. duit poket tu bleh simpan buat jalan2

    @Josh Lim no i wasn't influenced by that ad. never found those ads really cool anyway lol. we actually have a friend who lives there and stayed at her place. jimat duit! :P

    @kenwooi yes they are! i think they act like cats. like cats with overgrown hind legs.


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