Saturday, April 18, 2009

tentang beta

so today i got a msg in my shoutbox from ms crunchies (i'll assume u're a miss because of the muacks i got.. on second thought.... please be a ms and not a mr >_<)(and yes.. my wife did ask me about it lol) asking me to check out * (BU) and i did.. and i think it is pretty cool

BU is an online community. like other communities out there, this one's made for bloggers (hence the name) and i'm guessing i dont have to describe the website in detail because it is mainly the same thing. to help bloggers connect with other bloggers and promote, attract traffic, etc etc etc.

most of the time i would check out sites like this.. register.. try it out for like 5 mins.. and never login again ever after doing a quick google search for my own blog. but BU didnt have the same effect on me.

among the features i found by roughly clicking through the site for abt an hour are blog listing (obviously), Facebook, Youtube, Plurk, Flickr and Twitter support. if u set everyting up properly (simple guides provided below the setting of each feature's settings page) it will show up at your BU profile page. a lot more facebook like basic features are there too but i haven't really mastered the site yet.

it may still sounds like other communities up to this point but i would say that what makes BU attrective is the simplicity of the site. it has the kind of vibe facebook used to have.. if u guys still remember it lah (like 2 versions ago when everything is still simple and cool. they had to go clutter it up >_<). to me.. the simplicity of the site is a huge plus that makes all those beta bugs feel like not a bother at all. so ms crunchies, thanks for inviting me to join.. and i hope * will grow and stay strong.

EDIT: (01/10/09) this article was written in april.. and i am glad to add here that the community have grown and i still utilize the site everyday. i love it! ^^


  1. nice.. =D
    see you around BU!

  2. nice one
    my gf also asked me about her
    nyway nice blog man
    kp writing

  3. thanks guys. cya around BU :D

  4. yep the same thoughts when i first load the site. simple and interesting.

    btw nice model hoho

  5. Crunchies is definitely a girl, cos she also invited me, but i didn't get no muacks. LOLS ^_^

  6. @nesca hey we think alike. lol
    thanks.. model tu masih belum siap.. perkembangan tebantut sebab mengada2 nak belajar sculpting tapi FAIL lah.

    @The.Good.Girl i just been to ur blog.. she did give u a muacks in ur comment. or was it in ur BU profile. didnt remember @_@


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