Sunday, April 11, 2010

tentang An Animation Book Worth Reading

Basics Animation: Drawing for Animationwe went to this book store in adelaide a few weeks back and there was this book about animation that was on sale.

i think it is an extremely interesting book to read.. if you are an animator that is.

Drawing for Animation is a book about the things we didn't know about (probably did not learn of at animation courses) in animation. things that the 'experts' see when they animate things. this book is about traditional/classical animation which is in other words, 2D animation. but the concepts are generally similar.

if you are like me, studied 3D animation and have deep interest in animation, have a read. i don't know how much and where to get it in Malaysia. but it's available at and so far, is very trustworthy.

this book have given me some motivation to finish my animation that i'm currently working on (at snail speed) but yes i have made improvements since reading that book. and i'm planning to get another book on animation by the same publisher. i'll write about it later :D

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