Friday, April 16, 2010

tentang Vintage Ads Malaysia

what makes an advertisement effective is that people will still remember it after even 10 years. and i hope we remember it because of the good things not the bad.

so i spent some time (and my limited download limit) to look for the ads that i remember and hoping that someone somehow did upload the vid on youtube or anywhere of equivalent. the first few titles were easy to find.. proves that the advertisement is indeed memorable and successful. the last few were unfortunately not available but i'll list it anyway.

so here's the ads that i remember most
counting down to my most favourite vintage malaysian advertisement (that i can find online):-

5 - Fernleaf

4 - KFC - 'Thats Where I Want to Be'

3 - Maggi

2 - Axion

1 - Trojan

it was a little hard to chose between the Axion ad and the Trojan ad but i decided that i love the Trojan ad better and i remember the words better than Axion's.

the ads that i tried to look for online but did not manage to find it are :
i) Follow Me talcum ad
the one where this guy was in his room (VO 'ku merindui mu') and his girlfriend came over to his house,rang the doorbell *dingdong* and his mum answered the door and says something like 'something.. something dah datang' can't remember the names. do u remember that one?

ii) KFC - Lets Go to The Zoo
yes that song. Lets go to the zoo, there's lots of things to do........ i think that's what is says.

iii) Malaysia Airlines ad
i don't remember when and any VO of it. neither the song. the only thing i remember vaguely is this massive futuristic looking plane (or a mothership? floating island?) the shape of MAS logo. it that a real advertisement or just a fraction of my imagination? i don't know

anyway, a quick thanks to those people who uploaded these wonderful ads. especially the person or people behind the channel 'abangcantik' (*facepalm). i am very grateful of all the vintage ads you uploaded


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