Monday, April 12, 2010

tentang How To Train Your Dragon (2010) Thoughts

possibly, the best movie i've seen this year. hands down. highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun movie to watch.

we planned to watch the 3D one but cancelled the day before and just decided to watch the normal one. figured the story will be the same so why spend much much more money? (we are saving up for a trip in July). but now having seen the movie, i think we should've gone to see How To Train Your Dragon in 3D

the movie is awesome!!! action packed, great story line, cool design, awesome animation, witty script, what else can i say.. if you plan to take your kids to see this, i think even the parents will enjoy this.

the character maybe a little too stylized at times. but not too much that makes you feel it is too illogical. still rather cute.

the only thing that i did not like about it is that feeling when the movie is over and i feel like watching more. the movie is only about over 90 mins length so it is not too long.

SPOILER ALERT - skip 2 paragraphs to avoid reading something you wish to not know yet!
to those who don't know what the movie is about, How To Train Your Dragon is a story about a viking boy who lives in a viking village that is constantly under attack from dragons (if you don't know what a viking is, a quick wiki/google search will give you an idea).

then the boy, Hiccups, is not like the other vikings, he is not as big as the other kids, not as strong and not as fearsome. se one day he found a dragon and befriended it and from there, things get wildly out of control.

i have new found respect for Dreamworks Animation. all their animations before this have been entertaining but i never really enjoyed it and a lot of them i find too immature for me. i know.. it's a cartoon, they tend to be immature. but i think it is better to have a 'smarter' kind of cartoon then nonsense. but that's my preference anyway.

but this movie is different. it is heart warming like Disney's animations, a bit less drama then Pixar's latest films, a lot more awesome (and cooler) than Dreamworks' previous animations.
my wife and i had so much fun watching it. and she isn't someone who enjoys cartoons all the time.

i'm waiting till Toy Story 3 comes out and to find out if How To Train Your Dragon is still my favourite movie in 2010 :D

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