Tuesday, April 13, 2010

tentang Life Seem to Stop Without BloggerUnited.com

oh the site have been having a problem this week. and the service have been down for a few days now without knowing when it will be restored. now i realized how much i rely on the service, not necessarily because it is effective, but because i really love the atmosphere and the functionality of the site

"will be back soon" is all she said.
but soon seem to not be soon enough.

bloggerunited.com is possibly the place that makes me feel like a proper blogger. now not having BU, i feel like a writer without knowing do the things i write really reaches people. probably like flying in a cloudy sky and not see earth and land, and feel kinda lost.. but keep flying and to trust the intuition. except that i don't and can't fly.. so that metaphor could just be a silly attempt to sound cool

but anyway, i do hope BU will be back soon. and real soon too. i miss them bloggers i frequent that i don't have their feeds and did not bother to remember their URL because they seem to always be on BU.

if i make a chart about how i do my daily blog visits, it would roughly look like this one.

60% of it are blogs from BU
30% of it is from nuffnang's innit
30% of it are blogs that i linked to, and then i'll just 'walk' from the links i find

so imagine how much this BU issue have effected my daily routine. sigh. but thats life. i hope BU will be back real soon tho ^^

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