Wednesday, April 7, 2010

tentang Quit Smoking for 364 Days and Get a Brand New Alienware M11x!

(if you just want to know how.. just skip a few paragraphs and read after the Alienware image)

people always say smoking is bad for health and will cause problem and your hands will have to be cut off and your lungs will be filled with tar etc etc etc..... and etc. even on the packaging itself is printed, normally in large bold letters, that smoking is hazardous to you health. some countries, they even print gruesome images of what could happen to you

most smokers would just ignore it. right?

i say smoking or not.. we don't know how we will die. smoker or non-smoker, you can still die from just about anything really. so.. smoking does not necessarily make u die a horrible death. it could.. but not necessarily

i don't smoke. tried it back in high school but didn't get hooked. didn't really like it anyway. i bet a lot of smokers start the same reason that i did when i tried it.. to impress friends. a pretty sad excuse for a pretty huge addiction huh? but yeah i don't smoke.

(image from

back to the title.. how do i get this Alienware M11x? the answer is in the title.. Quit Smoking! (or at least don't buy it for a year).

lets do the math shall we..
i'll assume the average price of a pack of cigarette is RM10 just to make it easier to calculate.
if i smoke a pack per day, i'll spend ............................................. RM10/day
if i smoke a pack every day for a year.......................................... RM10 x 365 = RM3650 (roughly!)

with that kind of money, you can get yourself a new Alienware M11x (RM3499 at Dell website)

Alienware M11X full spec (Dell Malaysia website)

if you have not heard of Alienware, it is one of the best gaming laptops around. and being a gaming laptop, it is made for gamers to play games on.. and not those facebook games either. it is made for playing high-end 3D games. but you can also use it as a blogging laptop, why not? you won't complaint about slow pc anymore (but for internet connection you need a better ISP la).

i sure am glad that i don't smoke. the price for a pack of 20s is around $10-ish i've been told. wow!
oh just to clarify.. this is a challenge to smokers out there. and no i'm not paying for the new laptop! use the money you save to get yourself the laptop ok :D

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