Wednesday, September 30, 2009

tentang Nuffnangers' Habits

well im sorry for generalizing but having explored and spent time on the nuffnang Innit page i start to see these few but rather annoying bad habit of nuffnangers. i'm not making any personal attacks.. just rather a general feel of how the people are based on observations on the first 3 days as a nuffnanger.

again, if anyone is offended i apologize, and please let me know and i'll try to rephrase my sentences.

No.1 - the squished avatar image.
okay the blame shouldnt be put entirely on members.. i think should change how uploaded image is displayed.. like if the image doesn't fit the display area, cropped it instead of stretc/squishing it. still, the members (nuffnangers) should have a sense of uneasiness when they see their face is displayed squashed like that. it kinda makes the person in the picture look distorted, hideous, and sometimes retarded dont u think? and having multiple images like that kinda make the Innit page look crappy.

No.2 - chatbox abuse.
we all know that some things although we can do it, doesnt mean we should. in the chatbox, it is common that people put links to their article there and i do think it is acceptable. but many have crossed the line of promoting their blog to spamming the chatbox. but since it is kinda common practice, other people just dont give a damn.

No.3 - shit titles.
misleading, outrageous, rude and down right shallow titles to be exact. this is actually a kind of abuse too. people now like to be a jackass and thinking it is fun. a lot of the time i would find it funny too.. but maybe we should know where we can and cant be those things.. especially if it affects someone else. example: titles like "Caught Having Intercourse In Garden - pics!!!" will definitely attract readers. but at the same time it will make look bad. other people might think.. oh nuffnang Innit is filled with perverts and wankers like that.. and nuffnang probably doesn't care.. lets join them!

No.4 - dang!
the reason why that button is put there is as a form of user-based content control. titles like i mentioned before should be dang!ed obviously. but we arent too fond of punishing random strangers right? especially when we know those titles are just a pathetic effort to attract readers to their blog. but then some people misuse the button just to piss people off by 'dang!' a random unfortunate blogger. that blogger will probably visit this trickster's blog to find out who he is resulting +1 reader for the blogger (works best with bloggers with a lot of fans). sad thing is.. most of the time it works!

now suddenly i have this creepy feeling that people will think im that bitter old man living alone in his house down the street. OMG i need to have more fun in life >_____<. so i'll stop at 4.

Monday, September 28, 2009

tentang Getting Some Nangs

no i am not referring to anything naughty lah!

i am still exploring and discovering stuff about Nuffnang today. i must say.. information on the nuffnang website is inadequate. but like i said in my previous post.. there's heaps of tips on other peoples' blogs. and i wanna say a big Thank You to these blogs for posting tips about Nuffnang and Innit.

Thank you Simple Blogger Tips - a lot of helpful tips and those basic explanations for nuffnang noobs like me ^^. recommended go to site for people discovering nuffnang

Thank you for the article about Innit and Tips on how to get more Nangs.

Thank you JejakTrend for the very short yet useful Tips on getting CPM

so what is a Nang? well in Nuffnang's blog aggregator Innit (sort of like, nuffnang members can post their blog entries there to promote it and if people like it.. they'll click on the 'Nang It!' button. the more Nangs you get.. the more famous your entry is. and if you post crap.. people might Dang it and thats the opposite of Nang.

so in the future.. if you like my post please nang it mkay :D

tentang Nuffnang Ads

oh yes i now officially serve nuffnang ads. and so far.. i'm loving it. website is pretty to look at and very well organized. i love the layout but i am not a fan of fancy moving navigation bar. having said that.. their bar is responsive and have big icons which makes the thing bearable for me. unlike some sites that have moving navi + small link texts/icons forcing users to actually concentrate on where they click.

i know i may sound like an annoying old man who complains about everything but, why not just put the links on the page.. having users wait for an icon/link to appear is a waste of clicks and ultimately.. waste of the users' time. but yeah.. nuffnang's navigation is acceptable for me :P

the website does have those FAQs page to somehow guide newbies (like me) to understand how the whole thing works. but there is no short, quick tips at strategic spots to make stuff easier. not too big a deal.. there's heaps of guides and reviews on the web anyway. and even without much reading i think i understand most of the features they offer and how to use it.

i even put that Innit Widget (that thing at bottom right of this site) on my site now. i normally hate widgets like that. they tend to interfere with reading and could sometimes end up on top of another link preventing visitors to click on it. i bet advertisers wont be too happy if their ads got obstructed like that. but since my site has a very thin layout, the widget stays out of other links' and texts' way. i expect it to not be a nuisance at all.. except for visitors viewing from less than 640px width resolution browser.

i have only registered my nuffnang account yesterday and that night ads have already started running (good looking ads so far). and when i woke up this morning my account already got it's Glitterati (like a loyalty program) status which supposedly needed 3-4 days to get. and the ads are mostly malaysian and that makes me miss home a little less.

so far i am pleased with this service. why i decided to go with nuffnang is because i think they have a massive amout of malaysian subscriber.. and i hope to attract heaps more malaysian readers.. although i write in english. ^^

Sunday, September 27, 2009

tentang TGS 2009 in Japan

i bet a lot of people (like me) would wish somehow a miracle would happen and someone would sponsor us to attend one of the biggest games convention in the world that is happening now in Japan. since that that would only be possibble in our dreams.. thank god there is the internet. ^^

i have been looking at pictures.. videos of the awesome booths (ie: Bandai booth has a huge Gundam head).. and of course the new trailers of upcoming games such as this one:

events like the Tokyo Games Show (TGS) is where the biggest companies preview and premiere their biggest titles and if you get to be there at the show.. you could be one of the people who get to try the demo there.

the videos that really got my attention so far (because i havent seen everything) would be -
1) FF XIV Online - Final Fantasy 14 which is the second MMORPG in the FinalFantasy series. (the vid i posted)
2) Tekken 6 - the brawling mode vieo demo at TGS
3) FF XIII - another Final Fantasy installation.. @_@

right now, there are countless tabs open on my firefox browser.. each a TGS related video of reviews and trailers and demos. all cool stuff. posting it all on my site is just silly so i'll just post the main pages if anyone is interested in finding out more.

have fun ya ^^ (WARNING! if your internet have a monthly cap thing.. be careful :P)

Gamespot's TGS'09 page

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

tentang Up (2009) movie

released 3/9/2009 in Australia, i finally get to see Pixar's new movie yesterday. people here may not realize but this movie was released in North America on 29/5/2009.. that was four months ago. so imagine how long i waited to see this movie >_<.

Up is an awesome story about an honest old man who is determined to keep an old promise for adventure he made to his wife before she died. so off he goes for the adventure that have been delayed for so long and along the way he met characters who helped him, loved him, and gave him a new reason to live.

i love how some parts of the story is told.. the back story is like a montage, and the main character's background story is another montage.. but a very sweet one, and i have to admit it did made me hope my married life would be as sweet and my wife and i would still be so much in love when we are old and 'kerepot'.

everything is so stylized in Up. the character design, the environment design, even the whole feel of the movie. i think it is really brilliant how the people at Pixar could make everything look and feel so simple yet when you look at it, everything is so detailed. like The Incredibles all over again.. but even simpler somehow

i know i would watch this movie again someday. my favourite movie for this year so far.. and the very long wait for me was really worth it. i think it is fun for kids, and parents would really enjoy it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

tentang FIFA10 videos

the new installation of FIFA series will be out this October on most consoles including.. iPhone and iPod Touch.

the graphics looks good, the animation superb as always, but will it feel like all other sports games? we'll have to see about that. i'm not into sports games anymore since that i no longer live with my gamer friends. and that will be a very big influence in me to not get FIFA10.

having seen the trailer.. i think FIFA10 looks very complicated. well if i'm a huge fan of that game maybe i'll make an effort to learn all the skills, spend time to do the tutorials.. and perfecting the moves.. so that i'll be an awesome player. but what if im not a fan.. just someone who wants to play video game football (or some call it soccer) and have fun..?



whatever the game will be like.. i'm sure a lot of football fans out there will be pleased with this game.

tentang Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

some would be wondering what this wish means and i hope my somewhat disorganized explanation here helps. the wish Selamat Hari Raya is how malaysians wish each other Happy Eid (i'll explain Eid later).. and the full greeting is Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. if you have noticed, Aidilfitri is the Malay spelling (or some would spell it as Aidil Fitri) and it is the same as Eid-ul Fitr which is in english.. the same thing, same celebration. and Malaysians tend to refer this as 'Raya' which literally translates to 'Celebration' but they really mean Eid (if it's almost Eid).


Raya is a day of celebration after the month of Ramadhan. yes it is that month where Muslims fast during the day for the month. fasting in Islam means Muslims refrain themselves from eating and drinking and everything that can disqualify (cant think of the best word for this) their fast, from the break of dawn till sunset. so it's not just not eat and not drink. and i'ts just during the day.. so it's not that hard actually. if they do the things they shouldn't, they'll have to re-do their fast for the amount of days their Ramadhan fast got 'disqualified' (again.. better word?), any day after Raya but before the start of next year's Ramadhan.

if life in a year is a video game where people try get points to level up, Ramadhan is the bonus month where ALL good deeds will be awarded multiple times more than usual. more points u get the higher your level and of course high levels will get you to get better rewards when you reach end-game :P

Eid-ul Fitr

after a month of fasting, and doing good, and self-reflection, and prayers.. muslims celebrate Eid or how we Malaysians call it Raya. it is a day where muslims celebrate their victorious and successful month of Ramadhan. some also tend to feel a bit of regret for not having done enough good during Ramadhan.

while there's Eid morning prayer and other religious obligations for a muslim, culturally malaysians will visit friends and relatives. people will ask forgiveness from everyone by saying 'Maaf Zahir dan Batin' which means that you ask forgiveness, spiritually and physically. :D

so yesterday was the 1st day of the month of Shawwal (in Islamic Calender) which is the day of or Raya. i'll just say Raya becase i'm Malaysian :P and i feel a lot more comfortable say it this way.

so from me and my wife, too all our friends..
Selamat Hari Raya Puasa, Happy Eid, Eid Mubarak, and Salam Lebaran everyone ^^

Saturday, September 19, 2009

tentang NBA Teamwork Plays video

found this vid on youtube and thought i'd share

oh i miss this game. :(

Friday, September 18, 2009

tentang Wii Price Cut Rumour

my first ever experience playing a Wii was last week when after Tarawikh in the city, my wife and i dropped by a friend's place and they had just bought a Wii. they offered a game of bowling and i figured since it's not real bowling.. why not. it does not seem like im gonna feel physically tired from a video game.

awkward and feeling a bit silly bowling a weightless and half imaginary (???) bowling ball.. we ended up playing 2 games of bowling. then we tried tennis.. and then golf (my character gave up.. i really suck at it) and finally we tried Rockband. omfg i know Wii is a lot of fun to play with friends.. but having played it myself.. it is more than fun.

if i have some extra cash laying around right now i'd get myself a Wii right away :P. i was seriously considering it but conscience tells me it's not the time. it would cost up to at least $400 (Aussie) for a console set, maybe 2 controllers and extra games. so no thanks.. although i am still tempted :P

The Rumour

i thought i have overcome the temptation.. but now rumours are spreading on the internet that a leaked Toys R' Us ad (a catalog?), expected for end of this month, shows that the price will be USD$50 less than now. people are speculating that this has got to do with the recent xbox360 and ps3 price slash. maybe Wii will want to react to that and with the coming christmas season, maybe it could be true.

Nintendo didnt wanna comment on this issue. they said they dont wanna comment on rumor or speculation.

read the source at Wii News and

Thursday, September 17, 2009

tentang The Royal Adelaide Show

(kid in black tee with blue prints is not me)

when i was stuck in RL i managed to enjoy some RL events that was really fun. there was a 'Pasar Ramadhan' at Adelaide Uni, went shopping for baju raya at Harbour Town, Roseworthy College Open Day 2009, and The Royal Adelaide Show 2009

The Show (the name people here refer it as) is a yearly event. something like a massive fun fair that is held once a year at the Adelaide Showgrounds. when i say massive.. i mean that by comparison to the fun fairs the i have been to in malaysia. there were the usual fun fair things - rides, carnival games, bazaars, competitions

here's a little history of The Show i got from wiki and info from friends :P. the first ever Royal Adelaide Show was held in 1840 as an agriculture thing. it later grew over the years as more things and attractions were added. The Show used to be more on agriculture and livestock.. and the showbags used to be free. but nowadays it is more of a fun entertainment event.

this is a late post so at the time im writing this, the show has ended almost a week. it was only a 10 (or was it 9) day event :P. but the site is still up.. if you're curious, head to

more pics ^_^

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

tentang MJ's This Is It (2008) trailer

so.. other than that Kanye West controversy, Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' Trailer was premiered at MTV VMA 2009 yesterday. a pretty cool documentary-style movie to be released on 28/10/2009.

as for me, i dont think im that excited to go watch the movie. it is cool and watching the rehearsal footages kinda makes me think yeah that last concert would have been epic. but knowing that movie is a documentary, i think i would enjoy it better watching at home.

thats what i think.. at least. enjoy the video ya ^^

Monday, September 14, 2009

tentang 2 Weeks Absense

so last month i had to limit my internet usage as i prematurely reach my download limit too early. but when the next month starts i found myself stuck in RL.. everytime i try to login i get an error from the server.

i started to panic and checked everything.. the hardware, the software, any possibble conflicts, and even reinstalled the login program several times with various settings. when i am sure that it is not my laptop that is causing the trouble i rang the support and asked for help.

and then i get an unexpected reply.. i forgot to pay my bills :P

now i'll have to clean up this virtual dust that has accumulated in this blog and resume blogging. thanks everyone for visiting my blog during my absense ^_^. it is so good to be able to get online again

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

thanks Top 5 August Droppers

thank you for the visits and drops last month. i'll try to visit you guys daily in September (after 5/9 that is..)

and i have added the RSS feed for Top Droppers in the sidebar.. and a free links :P. sorry it's not too big. hmm.. maybe i'll put some graphics there to make it look better and more prominant.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

tentang Blog Adjustments

these past few months, ads on this blog have caused some major problems, increasing the loading time of my blog. on more than one occasion the server for the ads may encountered problems of their own (crashed? hacked? attacked?), acceptable in RL standard, but took too long (over a week i think) for them to fix the problem and recover to their 100% state.

providing ads for blogs is a business after all, but if a company is not acting like they're running a business, maybe they dont deserve to get loyal subscribers.

after discussing with my advisor (wife).. as of this day, 01/09/09, i am removing the problem ad widget from this blog. and i'll do a bit of reading into this matter and maybe try out other ad provider site thing, of sort

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