Friday, January 22, 2010

tentang Over-Creative, Trying-Too-Hard-to-Sound-Cute, and SMS Language

after reading dylan-zd's post and the discussion at, i decided to post this. it is my opinion about Using Proper English in blogging.

i am pro-english hence i blog in english. but if people write comments in malay i am happy to reply in malay or english. this post isn't just about english language but any language that i can understand (only malay and english :P).

having time to think of the issue a lot more (thank you procrastination), i realize it is not the weak mastery in english that annoys me. it is in fact the over-creative, trying-too-hard-to-sound-cute, and sms language, all in blogging, that really annoys me.. whatever language one uses to blogging.

a simple example would be like the title of this post. it is what i would say overly creative. i was sleep deprived when i began writing so, gomen~! i admit i do this often but so far nobody said anything about it, so.. it has became a habit of mine. but i reckon it's harmless :P. annoying if overused, but pretty harmless :P

i loathe blogs that spells by randomizing capital letters for each single alphabet (tHis cAPiTal leTTEr tHinG).. to those still using this, newsflash, it is NOT cute. it is juvenile, and unforgivable.. unless you are under the age of 14 (12 if you're a male).

sms language
worst offender. L2SPELL N00B!!! (<--thats learn to spell in l33t talk). i can understand using shortforms if texting because of the obvious limitations of mobile phones. but in blogs? yes, some people blog from their mobile.. but only a freakin minority! i find most of the blogs that does this are malay-language blogs. hey i speak malay probably 90% of the time, but i still have a hard time deciphering those messages and comments or even blogs written in that fashion.
my point is, communication is a very important part in blogging and if one cannot effectively communicate, i have to say, your blog makes
no sense at all. if people other than yourself cant understand what you're writing, why bother blogging?

some people say it is to improve their english. fair enough. a bid you good luck and i do hope you will learn from this practice of blogging and apply it. identify your mistake in spelling,grammar,etc and improve.

owh i need to stop making this wall of texts or people might stop visiting my blog >_<

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tentang Shorts

first of all, just to be clear, i am talking about movies/films/animations/etc

a 'short' is an abbreviation for a short film or short movie or short animation.. basically any story on any medium that is short is considered a short . according to anything longer than 1 minute and shorter than 15 minutes is considered a short.

for example.. the 15malaysia project ( last year are all short films by different directors to commemorate Malaysia's Independance Day. shorts from that project that i kinda liked would be Chocolate by the late Yasmin Ahmad and Potong Saga by Ho Yuhang.

if you have ever been to the movies to watch a Pixar movie, each movie will start with an animated short not related to the movie you're going to watch. like for example Wall-E was paired with the short film Presto, a story of this magician doing this magic trick on stage but his rabbit isn't behaving like he wished. hilarious.. sorry i'm not giving a pretty good description because i cant quite recall the whole story but hey.. here's a preview

making a short is kinda like the platform for an aspiring director to launch their career.. and for most, the platform to practice their directoral skills to gain confidence before tackling a bigger project (with bigger budgets). making a short is a lot simpler than making a full movie.

simpler does not mean easier (well some directors might say it is an easy task). but in actuality, making a short will consist of the same production process of a box-office movie. pre-production, production and post-production. the difference would be in how much work to do.. and maybe the budget.

but i would say probably the quickest short to make would be a short movie. shoot with a movie camera, transfer for editing, edit and final output. of course before these steps there would be the pre-pro process (research, research, research) to go through.

i wonder if anyone reading this would be interested in making their own short. if yes, do let me know of your project. i would really like to see it^^. just keep in mind.. often, simplicity is the key.


Friday, January 15, 2010

tentang Pranks

i'm not normally amused by pranks. i find pranks rather juvenile and very close to stupid. it is almost rare to find good silly and fun pranks. pranks to me should make the target feel shocked and helpless (kinda) and never make them feel embarresed. mean pranks are (kinda) acceptable but rude pranks just crossed the line.

bottom line, pranks should always be harmless and never having the target get a change of clothes or a bath or anything.

but saw this prank on tv the other day and i think it is cruelly awesome. i would NOT want to be the guy in the vid.

now.. what better than Japanese TV show pranks ^^

Monday, January 11, 2010

tentang Absence

woah i have been really distracted and perhaps have started to neglect my blog a little bit. forgive me for i am only human. :D

yeah i still have minor computer problems still. overheating laptops. i have always been a desktop user and dealing with laptop problems are rather foreign to me. so dusty and clogged laptop fans is extremely frustrating to me because i think it is a very very very simple problem and i am sure is easy to fix (clean up the fan la!) but trying to figure out how to get the fan out of the laptop is quite challenging. especially without the proper (and quality) tools. blergh!

and books have been an addiction even worse than gaming to me. at least when i was a game addict (no i dont go to gaming rehab to be cured) i keep on thinking what to do and there are lots of movements and i interact with people (online and in RL) all the time. no fun playing a MMO alone rite? but when reading.. i would try to isolate myself from the world and sit there reading for hours

reading is starting to sound a lot more unhealthy to me. well anything can be unhealthy if we dont learn moderation. but good books are so hard to put down. curse you good writers!!! but thanks for the great read.

so i've decided to finish up this last book and be done with reading for now. it'll take a while because i am a slow reader. i like to savour every single word i read and reread every paragraph that i like. i dont skim and i dont read the last chapter first. i even read the foreword. i am horribble eh?

but yeah.. as soon as i finish this dan brown book i'll be back and im thinking of making an animated short. what that is? i'll explain in my next post. within this week. its a promise.


Monday, January 4, 2010

tentang 2010 and PC Problem

well.. happy new year!!!

i bet now everyone have (or at least thought of) a new year's resolution. yeah i know i'm a bit late and this topic is so outdated but i'll just post it anyway. my blog.. my rules aight! so shush :D

i am glad to be able to write again. when 2010 arrived this laptop that i have been using since over 2 years now decided it's time to make me do some maintenance work on em. it happily froze up everytime i'm doing something important and finally a few days ago, even after i cleaned up all the million files on desktop and defragged and exterminated all the alien programmes i could find, the laptop decided to screw up windows.

but in the end i managed to backup all the important files and start a fresh installation. and now im still busy downloading and updating programs for the laptop and everything seems fine now. well still have some quirks here and there but all in all it's doing well.

so yeah.. new year, new start, new goals and fresh new old windowsXP installation for my laptop.

happy new year everyone ^^
Demoreel - May 2011