Friday, March 25, 2011

tentang Lowpoly Character Model - Milo

my own design. when the base model was finished, it looked a lot like that neutron kid. but i think after texturing it it looks different. not too bad for 3 days' work. now i wanna alter the model and retexture it.. make another variation of the character, Milo in super mode XD

day 1 - no head

day 2 - no face

day 3 - ^_^

gotta work quick. i hope to start compiling the reel and finalize it by next weekend. i think i'll make it.

by april, i hope to have sent out my job applications. yosh!

Monday, March 21, 2011

tentang A House in the Sky

done! though i hoped i could've done this a little bit faster. but yeah it's not too bad. took me 1 week.

now i can start the next model.. my character ^^

Sunday, March 20, 2011

tentang Next 3D Project - House In The Sky

a house in the sky
3d modeling project
by adi bahari (aka kusut)

ok this project is actually a part of a scene in that short animation (that i still hope i'll be able to make this year) but because my aim is to put it in my showreel, this house is decent enough (assuming i manage to model+texture+render+comp it the way i imagined) as a showreel material. so the rest of the scene, which consists of more ground, a bridge thing, a long wall and a gate; will be modeled when it is more appropriate to continue with the animation.

so here is the sketch of the house i drew in my notebook (hence the horizontal lines)
a very quick sketch

here's where im at. most of the modeling part is done. only the ground element is still in it's blocking stage. so i'm doing that today. try to make it look more 'rocky' and add details on it (grass, some vines hanging here and there, some roots).
with lighting work!

i enjoy working on this piece. it looks kinda like what i imagine. and the colour vibrant and fun. yeah i hope this one will look fun in the end.. somehow

hope i will finish this one early next week ^_^

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tentang 3D Modeling Project update lagi se

not exactly final. but i'm moving on to the next 3D scene. this one looks ok. when i finish modeling some more 3D scenes.. i'll come back and do a video of this env. then compile it in a single showcase.

now on to the next one! time is of the essence!!!

yeah i worry that i dont couldn't make the showreel i plan to make in time. and that i have to send out a rushed work to apply for a job.

*freakin out!!!*

die >_<

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tentang 3D Modeling Project update

just a quick update.

curtain, selimut, mattress and pillows need zbrushing

made the room. though nothing is textured but i decided put all the things in one scene file (the room) so that i could get an idea how it would look like. and what else do i need to model.

and i think i need to add :
- a stack of magazines
- an open book on the floor
- a pen under the bed
- a mug to put stationaries
- a few pens + pencils + markers
- 2 shelves mounted above the bed
- books to put on shelf
- a box under the bed (boxofprunes)

planning to finish all those things tonight and tomorrow i'll start texturing! ^_^

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tentang 3D Modeling Project - The Room

these are 3D models i made for my 'Room' scene.

nothing really special. definitely not anything epic. tapi i do plan it to look good.
i'm modeling a room at the moment. kalau sempat, i wanna use it in an animated short. or it'll just be a 3D scene for my latest showreel.

ima need that to look for a job. very soon.

but anyway, most of the things have been modeled. im in my 2nd week modeling the room. the stuff i modeled have been UVW unwrapped. not yet textured. there's more models i made. i'll post more tomorrow.

next ima need to model the curtains (and a mirror! i just remembered this one). some models need zbrushing work.. and then texture all models. then make the room. set up lighting. render and composite.. done!

Demoreel - May 2011