Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Phantasy Core - Vote Your Favourite!

the digital art comp Phantasy Core have ended days ago and now the next part is to choose the winner. how? by  looking at who has the most 'Like's on facebook (hmmm.. more of a popularity contest now IMO). but anyway.. more vote is better. so i invite everyone to vote here:

go to Photos..
and click on Phantasy Core: 3D Entries
click on theicon to Like (vote) for your favourite

my entry is one of them but i'm too proud to ask for people to vote me XP. but i do ask everyone to vote for the work you like best. pls pls pls do that ya ^^

i really do hope this competition will be held again next year and the year after. so i do hope more people will know about it and support it.

but anyway, good luck to all participants!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

tentang Robbed by a Bookstore

i couldn't seem to fall asleep so i thought i'd write some short post for this weekend. ranting. like last week. lol.

the other day Borders (bookstore) did this promotion, sign up for Borders VIP card (for free) and get $20 to spend in store.. on anything. heyy who doesn't want a free $20. and last thursday we found out, VIP members will get a 40% off fiction and cookbooks this week. so today, we went to borders to get some books. my wife signed up for it as well :P.

she bought 2 Patricia Cornwell's to complete her collection. they were $21.99 each. so after that discount they should be around 26.40 but the cashier somehow pressed the wrong discount button and gave only 35% off. so minus the $20 we got from the VIP card thing, she should've only paid $6.40 but she had to pay like $2 more. haiz..

but as for me, i got myself a nice penguin book The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ($9.95) and another Neil Gaiman book, Smoke and Mirrors ($25.50). and -40% = $21.30 and then minus the $20.. i only had to pay $1.30. pretty cool eh? andddd... both books are compilation of short stories. so now i have heaps of short stories to read and kinda relax my reading habit for a little bit. been reading thick-ish novels (not to mention some have those smaller prints) for some time now. so i'll probably welcome the break

anyhow, we when we realized there's been a little (tiny rather) bit mistake abt the discount, we went back into Borders and told the cashier (tho one who's not busy) abt it and asked if he can do anything about it. he kinda thought about it for a bit and said he can help but it'll take some time.. besides it's only $2.

hmm.. i would like to get back my money.. i dont like to be robbed. especially by a big corporation. is it too hard to confirm the thing, open the register and give us a freakin gold coin (our gold coin)? pfft. but anyway hey if it's too hard for a big company to return a customer's $2 then i won't bother you. i'll try to get more discounts off you and spend less real cash next time.

uh.. i honestly wanted to write a short post but i guess i went overboard :P
ima go sleep now. 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Phantasy Core - Submissions and Thoughts

i think i did not do well. the design process was rushed, no real planning, and no real decision making was made. i kinda let everything just happen.. and it did not happen and it sucked


i really should've spent more time working on the character instead of exploring the ps3 XD
my bad then

but i submitted it anyway. here's some of them:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

tentang Something For The Weekend

this week have been awesome in the gaming news part. to me at least. new games announced. batman arkham city's new trailer looked so good people are arguing weather it's CG or live action lol. drake in coming back in uncharted 3. new game releases have been awesome lately. and prices of games are awesome this time of year.

i'm really thinking of buying some games but dont really wanna go overboard.

SpikeTV's video games award gonna be tonight but i wont be able to watch it. couldn't find any site that streams it and it wont be on tv here in australia.

but anyway, this is a video that kinda sums up my weekend

have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


just thought i'd share this.

It's back! MSC Malaysia Kre8tif! Digital Content Conference is back by popular demand, offering three days of awesome content from renowned international and local industry experts! Come and join us in learning the building blocks towards a strong foundation of creativity!
the event will be held at
PICC Putrajaya, Malaysia
on 15 - 17 December 2010

read more about the event and register here (kre8tif! website)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Phantasy Core - Sketch, Basemesh and Simple Sculpt

sketch in Photoshop
not final design. but roughly how it will look like and the pretty final proportions

basemesh done in MAX.
took me a few days to model. did not manage to decide how the back and hair would look like but because of time constraints, i moved on to ZBRUSH anyway

sculpted in ZBRUSH
im still very new to zb. so i think it did not look refined.. and not as good as the image i had in mind :P
changes were made.. no more armour and he looks more like a gorilla+turtle than a bear. but not too bad

will model the crystals that will be his new natural armour.. whatever that would look like.
a week left! ><

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

tentang Lara Croft Gameart

well sort of. it is this image, the cover of gameinformer mag, that made me really want to see more of the in-development game. a new game, a prequel, of tomb raider is said to be in the works and oh yeah that lara croft looks great. wonder if the in game graphics would look as good

honestly, i'm not a fan of tomb raider. never played that game lol. but that image looks so good!!!

read more about the next tomb raider game here (IGN australia)

Monday, December 6, 2010

tentang Blogging in Low Priority Mode


i am so not liking this. it seems, i have slightly slipped back to my gaming habits. not online ones (thank god) but on my recently purchased, 2nd hand, fat 500GB PS3. only have 2 games at the moment and have not even installed the 2nd game. still on the 1st game, a very good game and something nostalgic to me

this week i realized it's december, which means..
1 - my time here is getting shorter. need to prep for job hunting when we move back to KL
2 - Phantasy Core digital art comp deadline is around 2 weeks' time. need to finish modeling pronto and start texturing!
3 - 2010 is about to end
4 - hm.. nothing else

but i need to regroup. finish those 3d stuff
so with a very heavy heart, i think i have to put blogging in the low priority list until furthur notice. no i am not shutting down the blog (that's outrageous!). i just might not be able to blog-walk too much. and the posts will probably be more of the progress of my 3D stuff.

and i will need a lot of crits and comments on those.

so i will see u guys around. but ima be a little bit of a hermit for a bit.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

tentang Ambient Occlusion

okay.. what 'ambient occlusion' or AO is is a render for 3D image/video composite. it is like shadows render but a little different. if normal shadow will depend on the direction of the light source(s), AO's shadows will depend on distance of one object to another.

haha.. some people will go wtf. it's some 3D art tech stuff. people in 3D will normally use AO in their 3D work (unless they're skipping the step to save rendering time), but when i was a fresh grad, i have no idea what AO is.

but when i first used AO i was still a maya user. max was to me that other 3D package that i thought inferior lol. but now i have converted (tho not fully).. one of the things i did not manage to make as good would be this.. the ambient occlusion. maybe.. i did not read the right tutorial to make it.

last week i finally found a proper one. and just so that i wouldn't have a hard time looking for it in the future.. and that others (who are interested in these stuff) can share it. i decided to make a post and link the tutorial here.

Demoreel - May 2011