Friday, October 30, 2009

tentang Sony Prototype 360° 3D Display

whoa.. this is cool. while i am not sure what Sony is planning to do with it. but Sony have always been creative and create cool stuff. but are we closing in to cool hologram thingy like in sci-fi movies? awesome!

check out the video :

it is still a prototype but they say a 3D tv like this will be available in a year or so. must be freaking expensive. and maybe not as practical as it sounds. but like i said.. sony could surprise us. who knows rite?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

tentang The Day Yahoo! Fail

woke up this morning and as usual.. got online and check my email. oh wait.. my yahoo ID does not exist.

i have had that ID since 2001!

okay maybe something's wrong with my email account. lets try logging in through my yahoo!messenger.

another error.. but this time a little bit more.. it says my ID does not exist. error code 81003001


so what is 81003001? lets yahoo search (because the yahoo homepage is already loaded) that shall we?

no reliable answer. pfft!

maybe somethings wrong with my computer. lets do a quick registry cleanup and scan if there's any trojan in here.

done! no trojan. reboot.
try to login... still get error ID doesn't exist.

okay.. lets do a quick search for any server errors in the news online.
found nothing.

lets look at twitter if anyone else is having the same problem. (search yahoo on twitter)

whoa.. there's a lot of "anyone else have problem logging in to yahoo?"

the phone rang and it was my wife. she's at her lab and she told me she couldnt check her email and wanted to know if i have the same problem. having just read all this complaints on twitter.. i managed to explain what probably happened. my wife could always count on my XDXD

apparently most of the people who were having problems logging in to yahoo (after checking their twitter profile) are from australia. maybe it is because people here are already up and have started working.. and it is still too early in the morning everywhere else. thats just me speculating.

my quick search on twitter shows me there's people in korea having the same problem as well.. and a guy in Tehran said he cant login because his ID apparently doesn't exist, so he made a new account on yahoo. after all the necessary steps done, he tried to login.. and the new one doesnt exist aswell

yahoo FAIL

and while i was writing this post.. i tried one more time to login to yahoo and everything was fine again. it was around 11.30am here in adelaide (GMT+9.30). thank god!

now.. if it was a server maintenance, dont a huge company like yahoo would've thought to inform their users that there is a maintenance? instead of the users getting some error like hey we dont have ur account here.

or just a simple "we're having technical issues right now and we are working on it right now. thank you for your patience" would have been alright. pfft

..resume normal life.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

tentang 10,000th Unique

the counter right now is at 9986 hits. i know this is a noobish thing to do but i think hitting 10,000 unique hits is an event worth celebrating. but no presents guys. just a long smile on my face and a note of 'Thank You's to everyone who keep visiting and linking my blog. i am a simple guy (who at the moment doesn't have extra cash lying around).

sorry i do wish i could give out something to celebrate the 10,000th unique visitor but thinking about it.. i'd rather have a sincere curious friendly visitor rather than bribing people to come read my blog :P

i hope i get to 10,000 hits today. tho. i know the hits is really far from accurate. all hit counters show a different number. if i started nuffnang on the first day of this blog i bet it would've gotten a different number. and the fact that i visit my own blog multiple times a day. no use thinking and worrying too much about it. i'm taking the simpler approach and just accept the statcounter counter at the bottom of my page and wait for it to get to 10,000. no i'm not going to refresh my page every hour :P

so yay to my 10,000th unique visitor. ^^ and thank you everyone for reading my blog!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

tentang Basic Photography Tips - Don't Flash

whenever i snap a picture.. the first snap will will not have flash turned on. if the whole picture is a blur.. i'll snap another one and try my best to stay still.. and if the subject is blur then i'll take a series of snaps (bracketing). and if that doesn't work.. i'll consider turning on the flash.

in this post.. i'm talking about the built-in flash on every standard digital camera. not the fancy ones :D

yes i dont like to use flash. apart from using a lot of battery power, it ruins the picture. how? -
1) the background will become very dark
2) the picture will look 'flat' (loose depth between foreground, subject and background)
3) if the subject is a person, most of the time his/her face will look shiny. sweaty.
4) the picture will look at least 50% less attractive (if attraction is a measurable subject)


so personally, using flash is always the last option to me. unless i am in a studio or i have enough equipment and proper flash. else, i'll try to be really still when i snap. avoid using flash if u can.. trust me.. it'll do u good. and technology right now so advanced that you can not use flash and still get a pretty good picture.

anyone wanna add some things abt not using flash feel free to do so ya! lets share knowledge ^^

i've realized there's some flash related things that i should add.. so here it is.
when u press the 'thunder' (flash) button, most camera will shuffle between modes-

1) Forced Flash -
the 'thunder icon'. turns the flash On. will always use flash.

2) Supressed Flash -
the 'no thunder' icon. turns the flash Off. will never flash.

3) Automatic Flash -
the 'thunder' icon with word 'AUTO'. camera decides if flash is needed or not.

3) Red Eye Redution -
the 'Eye' icon. when taking picture with flash On, will prevent eyes of the person in picture to look like a demon with red eye XD

3) Delayed Flash -
this is somewhat new to me.. prevents the background to look too dark when using flash. but must stay still to use this function.

Monday, October 26, 2009

tentang After the Weekend

this is just me ranting.

this weekend was kinda full of activities. not really.. just kinda. on saturday my wife and i went to a friends' house in the city for a 'kenduri aqiqah' for their newborn little girl (grats!). the kenduri was from 12pm till 4pm but we planned to get there on around 1-ish.. but that didnt happen. we got there at around 3pm.

on sunday we went bargain hunting.. in case we find something for our new house. we went to this yard sale at a nearby primary school but there was nothing much there. disappointed, we headed to the Gawler train station for the sunday market. got there at almost 12pm but most vendors have started to pack up. so we didnt find anything.

and last nite i finally managed to write a lttle basic C++ program on my own involving arrays and functions (big word for me who doesnt know programming). not bad for a self thought student :P. that was my second try on the 'exam' that i decided to have. my first try somehow only displayed half of the stuff that i wanted it to display therefore i gave myself a D.

now that i've written the stuff i did on the weekend.. it doesn't sound like so much isn't it? hmm.. but i feel like i had a lot of fun. lolz

neway.. maybe tomorrow i've decided to post a new basic photography tips ^^

Friday, October 23, 2009

tentang Fanta Advertisement

saw this awesome animation ad on tv for Fanta soft drink. very very clean concept.. very cute animation. me loike!

sorry it's not the english version that i saw on tv here in Australia but it is the same ad. if some time in the future someone uploaded the english vid on youtube, i'll update this post ^_^

wish i can read french >_>

Thursday, October 22, 2009

tentang Welcome To Procrastinopia

i have been unhappy with how have turned out for a while now. i like simplicity. not that i want everything to be one dimensional.. but i believe everything could be simplified. even sophistication can at the same time be simple. well actually.. at least look simple.

facebook used to be simple and efficient. less graphics.. less words.. simpler functions. they added functions.. thats understandable. they added more functions.. well a little bit too much now. then they made it look complicated.. filled with boxes everywhere without letting user to be able to simplify things.. later they kinda made it look simple again (yays!). but they let users to make stupid things.. freely

worst decision ever. now we have way beyond stupid quizzes, games, invites and reinvites and spamvites bugging us to join those beyond stupid quizzes and games and groups. OMG

welcome to Procrastinopia!

now we hear a lot of disturbing news related to facebook nowadays. identity theft. careers ruined. kids cyber-bullied (dem n00bs).. that have lead to suicides even! and the list goes on. but one will say 'hey facebook is not intended for those stuff.. those people just don't know how to use facebook properly.'. yeah.. tell that to the people who have been negatively effected because of the rise of facebook.

we are human.. and human learn.. human use.. human overuse.. human abuse.

but yes.. the idea of facebook is a brilliant one. suddenly today.. after almost a year loathing facebook (but still actively using it.. /sigh) some of my friends (not those virtual 'friends' that i dont even know) posted old photos from high school.. and we all kinda commented and reminisce about the old times.

there is still hope for facebook after all ^^

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

tentang Entrecard Drops

one of the things i do daily is login to Entrecard and Drop on my fav sites there. i have not been a very long entrecard member (less than a year) and even in that brief period so much have changed.

and reading peoples' posts.. i've found a number of entrecarders have decided to ditch EC because of the less efficient system now. well i have to say i am one of those who did consider to do that. but considering EC is a form of traffic exchange + blog advertising community thing, logging in and Dropping on EC members' blogs still do some good to my blog.

there are a lot of good blogs that i might not have come across if i didnt have joined EC. they have a rather strict rules (dont they all do?) before a blogger can become a member. these rules have made it so that most blogs have actual content and good consistensy. well there are those very lousy blogs too but i find a lot of good blogs from EC.

so now i have decided to.. stick with EC. and do some adjustments.
1) minimize the amout of drops per day.. below 50-ish
2) move the EC widget to mid-page (initially top of page)
3) favour Malaysian blogs more

hope all this will show some improvements and not hurt too much on my blog's numbers (bounce rate, visits, new visitors, etc). thank you fellow ECers for still visiting my blog and Dropping on my card. and thank you EC for introducing me to lots of good blogs ^^

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

tentang New Super Mario Bros Wii

i dont have a wii and i kinda wish i have one. i think all the games on wii looks fun. games on other consoles are.. more of tedious now and less fun. and that wii remote (wiimote?) makes the whole thing very very interesting. players are more involved dont u think?

reading up game news the other day i came across this article about the new super mario game. who dont know Super Mario Bros?

the game's title is 'New Super Mario Bros Wii'. lol. first announced at E3 2009 (some months ago in June :P this is old news hehe). The game won Best Playable Platformer of Nintendo Power’s E3 Best of Show. Release date.. November 2009

the gameplay is still the same like the old Super Mario Bros on nintendo like about 20 years ago. side scroller.. jump on critters.. eat mushrooms.. shoot fireballs. but they added some cool suits too like the propeller suit. and they can ride yoshi

now if u have 4 wiimotes, u can play up to 4 players at one time. player 1 (1UP) will be Mario, 2UP will be Luigi, 3UP and 4UP will be those mushroom dudes one in blue and the other in yellow (they have names but i dont remember and cant be bothered to look it up :P)

sounds fun? well.. sort of. but i like the idea tho. i think in the end people would enjoy the game on single player mode. owh.. the game supports 4 players playing at a time but there is no online multiplayer mode. so.. everyone will have to be in one room

check out the website -

Monday, October 19, 2009

tentang Photography Tips for Bloggers - Macro Function

sometimes i blog-walk and i find blogs that posts blurred picture of the food he/she just had. interesting stuff.. but the picture is a blur just like some criminal on the news. have this ever happen to ur blog entry before? if yes read on ^^

why? this happens because of the camera is too close to the subject and the camera cant focus. the solution is the macro function of your digital camera. this is a simple photography tip for bloggers to take better pics in the future

(left)without macro on. (right)with macro on

no u dont need to have fancy DSLRs or anything.. normal digital camera normally have this function. camera phones.. probably wont have macro (unless u have a really expensive one).

and btw, this tip is written not for any specific brand. i think all digital cameras that i have tried so far functions and is operated the same way.

the macro function
when - generally when taking pictures of smaller objects (books, wristwatch, psp buttons). food bloggers.. when u snap pics of the delicious food u just had (it is absolutely important to make food look pretty and fresh because people on the net cant taste or smell that food).

- set the camera mode to Macro (refer to ur camera's manual). normally it is the one with the flower icon.
- point the camera at the subject.
- press that button that snaps the picture (i'll call it 'take picture' button) half way and hold, wait for the camera to focus (look at the display)
- when the subject u want is in focus, press the take picture button all the way.

take picture from an angle. u can easily get this cool 'depth of field' effect.

sounds fun? do a quick search for 'macro pictures' sample on google images and i think u'll get the idea how to use macro functions. now start experimenting and have fun!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

tentang New Header for Kusut-Blogs

so i felt like making a new header for this blog. but i couldnt really think of what theme to make. so i just loaded photoshop up.. played around with it and voila!

pretty random.. maybe i'll think of something better but for now.. i'll stick with this one. hehe

maybe because last night we saw that Godzilla movie (the hollywood one).

Friday, October 16, 2009

tentang Cool Thing Out of Twitter

i have always wanted to read Neil Gaiman's novels. when i get bored sometimes i'd go to the book store and read a chapter.. sometimes one of his short stories.. but i never got the opportunity to own his books (hmmm..). i like to read but when i read i would wanna read every single word. i never skim through pages, skip chapters or even read the last page.

maybe i shouldn't appreciate words too much eh?

anyway.. Neil Gailman (author of Stardust, Sandman series, American Gods), or @neilhimself on, started an online interactive storytelling via few days ago and it is spreading real quick. he started his story with a short line :
Sam was brushing her hair when the girl in the mirror put down the hairbrush, smiled & said, "We don't love you anymore."

and the rest of the story will be up to you, me, ellen degeneres, anyone and everyone (who have twitter account).

so after about 1000 tweets.. the people at BBC Audiobooks America (BBCAA) will edit, compile and make an audiobook suppossedly free for download at their website.. or for purchase at iTunes.

when i first read about this yesterday.. they have already got to chapter 4 (in only two days!). i think this is a great idea.. a book (audiobook for this matter) something good that comes out of the internet. will it be a great story? possibbly not. but if it is good enough and one day someone decided to make a film out of it.. imagine how long the credits would be.. and imagine having your twitter username in it! pretty cool eh?

read more about how it works here (BBCAA Blog)
and summary of Scene 1,2 and 3 (BBCAA Blog)

click here to view the latest prograss of the story #bbcawdio on

Thursday, October 15, 2009

tentang New Animation Company - Animonsta Studios

here's a Malaysian animation industry news. haven't written anything about that for a while now have i?

remember 'Upin&Ipin' and 'Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula' ('Geng : The Adventure Begins')? well the people who were behind those animations are now working on a new project entitled 'BoBoiBoy'.. a story about a group of superhero kids lead(?) by BoBoiBoy. sounds interesting.. and a lot of fun!

BoBoiBoy is the first project (according to by new company Animonsta Studios. although the company is new, they are a actually former LCPians who now are trying to make their very own brand of animation. the head of Animonsta Studios, Mohd Nizam is the director of Malaysian hit tv series 'Upin&Ipin' and movie 'Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula'.

and to fans of Les'Copaque Production, LCP is still there working on their own projects dont worry. visit to view the new Upin&Ipin Angkasa (2011) movie trailer

this development in Malaysia's animation industry is be a very good indication of improvement and growth. although our animation industry were born a long time ago (believe it or not) in the 80s (the Sang Kancil series by Hassan Mutalib) and some say that we have a pretty strong industry, i beg to differ. we still have a long way to go. what we need now is better quality.. not just quantity.

at the moment, BoBoiBoy is still in pre-production (planning, storyboarding, character deginging.. that sort of stuff). so the designs could change in the future.. maybe. so to local animation fans watch out for the animation and if i get any new news i'll try to keep everyone updated.

visit Animonsta Studios
> new website
(not just splash screen anymore)
> animonsta's blog

and click to go to Les'Copaque Productions'
> website
> blog

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

tentang Blog Music Players

those things are freaking annoying!!! i think bloggers use those players think that it is cool and sometimes cute. well.. in certain circumstances, they could be right. but i think most of the time it is useless and only cause harm to the blogs hits.

most of the blogs who have these players are by very young people, first time bloggers, or bloggers who dont really care about their site's hit counts and load time. using the term n00b could be a bit harsh but.. yeah.

so, why i hate flash music players so much?

1) to bloggers who use those things, music player widgets like that will mess up the loading time of your blog. unless everyone of your target audience have ultra-fast internet (minimum download speed 2MBPS, thats 2000kb per second) they might not be affected. but if they are in malaysia, they'll need close to a minute to fully load your blog. and that kind of load time, in modern internet talk, is slow.

2) like most people who are (almost) addicted to the internet, i have winamp. and i have my own music. and when i blog-walk, i like to listen to my music. so when a blog have autoplay music on it.. it messes everything up. another reason to quickly close that blog with music. and imagine if they're blog-walking from the office.

and 3) i have a 5GB data cap on my internet account (befause internet is considered expensive here in australia). and being a good blogger, i blog-walk daily (well, i try to). those music will force me to quickly close every blog with music players on them. and doing that to them every time kinda makes me feel guilty.

and if they have very bad connection, most probably people wont wait to load your page. grats n00b.. you just lost one reader.

i tried to block in the HOSTS file.. it blocks the page (lets say but wont stop other blogs to load contents off it. so if anyone who knows how to block this thing.. stopping it to load and download music, please.. let me know.

i am desperate >_<

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

tentang Toy Story 3 (2010) trailer

woody, buzz and the gang is back for their third movie.. Toy Story 3!!! i have to say.. i am so excited to see this trailer i feel like going into hibernation and sleep until the movie is released here in australia :P.

release date schedule (for now) is June 18 2010 in US/Canada. and July 23 2010 here in Australia. cool.. thats just a day before my birthday :P

the plot -
andy is now going to college and the toys will be packed and stored away. but a mix-up happened and the toys were thrown away instead. again.. they try to find their way back home. (source wikipedia)

to those who grew up watching Toy Story (and loving the characters).. here is the new trailer.

to quote Hamm (the plastic piggy bank):
"it is the perfect time to be hysterical!!"

click here to watch the teaser trailer

enjoy ^^

Monday, October 12, 2009

tentang New Secondhand Stuff

i mentioned last week about moving to a new house before the end of this year. and about being busy for the weekends. well.. we were out shopping!!!

sounds fun? hell yeah. we went to random garage sales, opp-shops, looking at boards for cheap secondhand stuff.. basically anywhere we could find. although it might sound a bit sad to some.. but i think it is normal for students living overseas. it is good to save money and use the money we saved to go for trips :P

we have been looking for a fridge since last week.. and on saturday we found one with a reasonable sized freezer compartment and.. it is a fairly new model too. a little bumps and scratches here and there but i reckon after a good cleaning that thing would look good as new.. well almost. a brand new fridge that size would probably carry a AUD$600-ish price tag and we got this one for $190.

the next thing we got are two bedside tables (that have 3 tier drawers). the colour is white and normally white furnitures are not the easiest to hide flaws. these two are in very good condition and it costs us $15 each. the cheap ones we found that were kinda similar (in sizes and quality) would be the ones at IKEA and that would cost around $80.. each! owh not to mention we got 6 cushions for free! best deal ever


the side table :

the fridge :

we are really excited with the treasures we found today. now we have a fridge, 2 bedside drawers, a washing machine, 4 brand new towels, and possibly a sofa set.. but we still haven't found our new place yet :P

Sunday, October 11, 2009

tentang My First CPM Ad

i only signed up nuffnang last month and now i have not one but two CPM ads!! wow

but unfortunately that was only a dream i had last nite. i woke up this 'morning'.. logged in to nuffnang hoping that it was some kind of sign. u know.. maybe it is real and the dream was like a dream-notification thingy. but it was not true.


i have been reading about nuffnang but one thing i couldn't find is how long would a website normally wait to get their first CPM campaign? all blog posts about 'first nuffnang cheque' will say they had to wait very long (for the cheque.. not for the CPM). i assume it is around a year. but can anyone (who actually have experience) confirm this?

thanks!! ^_^

Friday, October 9, 2009

tentang Best Bean Bag Ever

LOL.. maybe not the best. but i think it's awesome :)

saw this image at and instantly i thought wont it be cool to have that in our tv room? well.. future tv room. my wife and i are planning to move to a new house by the end of this year. we plan to have a white and green themed living room/tv room. with that bear sleeping on green rug would be so cute dont u think?

too bad it costs USD$135 (and thats doesnt include the delivery) :(

view the Etsy page (more pics there).

and more images of the bean bag at

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

tentang PSP Go - Week One

it has only been one week since the release (except Japan)and modders and pirates and copycats have came up with a lot of stuff already.

the PXP-2000
i first read about this on tuesday. the PXP-2000 is a Portable Media Player that is able to emulate NES, Gameboy ans SFC titles. it is not a true gaming console then. and it does not have the 16GB internal memory that PSP go have but it does look a lot like the new sony console. as a media player, i think it does pack a whole lot of features and is able to playback i think all the standard video formats.

read more at or

the half way crack
blogger "I" the writer, from House of "I" the writer wrote about this on monday. the original article is from another site (written in a language pack my pc doesnt have.. but i think it's Japanese). apparently a PSP modder found a way to crack the PSP go in just 2 days after the release of the console. doesnt look like sony is winning their battle with the homebrew community.

this is what i understand.. the modder however did not develop any crack. he only found the way. it is like he opened the door but did not enter the room. hence the 'half-way crack'.

the Price Cut.
already? wow.. to those people who pre-ordered (if there were pre-orders) the PSP go.. that would really suck for them huh? but this price drop is only in the UK where some retailers have been selling the PSP go at £199.99.. which the RRP is £224.99.

the price for PSP go here in australia is AUD$398 at BigW and

in my opinion however.. i think the PSP go will survive. it may have an early price cut and bad reviews and stuff. there are a lot of sony fanboys out there and considering the size, it may be very appealing to not-so-hard-core gamers to get one and use it more as a media player than gaming console.

but maybe sony will push back the PSP-4000's release to be a bit later to make sure the Go would sell more. thats only my own opinion tho. but it could be possibble right?

tentang Nintendo, World's Best Company

in tech news of and many other gaming news sites i found out that Nintendo have been named 'World's Best Company 2009' by BusinessWeek. dont know who BusinessWeek is? me neither.. obviously i dont have much interest in the business sides of things :P

anyway.. i went to the Businessweek website to look for that 'World's Best Companies' list. most companies listed there are familliar to me and to see the name Nintendo listed at the No.1 spot followed by Google and Apple is really cool.

congratulations Nintendo.. i grew up playing video and computer games and to see Nintendo make such a huge comeback is just awesome.

read the full list HERE.

Monday, October 5, 2009

5 Useful Photoshop Skills for Bloggers

bloggers normally have some sort of photo editing software installed on their pc. well if they dont, they should.. really. because posting photos on blogs is awesome and makes the blog look a lot less boring. and quit stealing other people's bandwidth and upload your own lah!

these are the basic Adobe Photoshop knowledge that, in my opinion, is extremely useful for bloggers. and please excuse me but i still use PhotoshopCS (the first cs not the latest version)

Skill #1 - Cropping
depends on what you want to use the picture for, cropping is a good way to reframe your pic. if u're uploading a profile picture/avatar, it is always good to crop out the access details and focus more on the subject.. your pretty/handsome face.

- click on the Crop icon
- click and drag to select the area you wish to keep
- double-click to finish cropping.

holding down 'Shift' while selecting the area will keep the selection stay as a box (not rectangle). perfect to make avatar that requires box image (example. 125x125)

Skill #2 - Colour Balance
especially scanned images, the images look blueish or (especially old photos) will look yellowish.

- find the Image>Adjustments>Color Balance... or press 'Ctrl+B'. (could be different in CS4 but i dont have CS4 so i dont know. sorry :P)
- now if the photo is yellowish, drag the slider away from Yellow towards Blue. play around with other colours till u're satisfied with the colour.

everytime we treat a photo, it is extremely easy to get carried away and ended up a very fake photo instead of a beautiful photo. the trick is to do only subtle treatments and remember, less is more.

Skill #3 - Brightness/Contrast and Levels

to adjust Brightness/Contrast..
- find Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast...
- play around with the two sliders to get your preferred look and feel.

to adjust Levels
- find Image>Adjustments>Levels.. or just press 'Ctrl+L'.
- adjusting levels is a lot like brightness/contrast. it makes the image bolder and crispier.. if done right, it'll make your image better.

always remember which part that is black must remain black (not grey) and the details in brighter areas must still be there when u brighten it up.

Skill #4 - Adding Your Watermark
one of the easiest thing to do.. but need a combination of skills to make it look good.

- select the Type Tool (the one to add text) and click on the image,
- type in your watermark (your URL for example).
- press 'Ctrl+Enter' when done..
- edit your text via the Character Palette.

fonts play a huge role in making a good looking watermark. find free fonts online.. and find something thats clean and clear. IMO never use Comic Sans :P. resizing the text with 'Ctrl+T' and drag the selection box would make things easier. and use the change the layer Blending to Overlay or Soft Light or whatever you think looks best.

Skill #5 - Save for Web, Resizing
when you upload an image, you're uploading images for a monitor display.. not printing purposes. so images that is 1024x768 is already considered huge. larger images will only allow other people to download your image and use it as prints, edit it, whatever.. most of the times without your consent.

to Save for Web..
- go to File>Save for Web..
- a Save for Web Window will appear. your image will be displayed and above that image are tabs Original, Optimized, 2-Up, 4-Up. click on Optimized.
- select file type in the Presets drop down menu and select JPEG High (if you want pretty, better quality image) or JPEG Medium (if you dont really need the details).

to Resize
- find the Image Size tab or the right side
- type in the desired image size. i would always limit the longer length to 1024px. normally images around 600px-ish is sufficient.
- click Apply when done.

now click on the 'Save' button to finish saving for web. located somewhere on the top-right area of the window.

always use this to save pictured that you want to upload. it will speed up the loading time of the page. and help you avoid losing readers just because your page loads too slowly or just not 'download efficient'.

Extra Tips..
now, every time after you are done editing your image, always ask yourself these questions -
'did i go too far?'.
'does it look RTM-ish?' (RTM = malaysian tv1 and tv2. no offence to those stations.. ur content have improved but ur designs are still not so 2000-ish)

have fun ^^

Saturday, October 3, 2009

away For The Weekend

i think i will be busy this weekend so maybe no post till monday. i'll try to reply any comments and shouts here tho. enjoy your weekend everyone ^^

next planned post will be about..
Photoshop Stuff

Thursday, October 1, 2009

thanks Top September Droppers

september is a little slow for me. sorry i haven't been dropping by at some blogs like i usually do.. but if i do.. the first blogs that i normally drop by on my daily blog walk would be my top droppers. ^^

thanks everyone ^^

tentang My Gaming Memories

i used to be very hooked to Ragnarok Online when i was in uni. it was a cool simple game. a lot of fun when u play with friends.. and like me, most of my friends at uni was playing it. and it used to be free too ^^

my first character, jiraiya, started like everyone else's, a novice and later progressed to become a thief. after a while i became an assassin and through botting i fast-tracked to the max level. it was fun. and owh.. botting is against the rulesBTW.. but everyone's doing it :P

later jiraiya was reborn again and back to level 1. started everything all over again but now that i understood the game better and i had mod-kore (the bot program), reaching level 99 again didnt take too long. and like the earlier job class progression, i became a thief but later progressed to be an assassin cross. advanced assassin. cool huh? with extra skills and stat bonuses.

one of the best part of the game was the War of Emperium. twice a week guilds will try to conquer castles in the Rune-Midgard realm and defend it. the event lasts an hour and the guild who managed to hold the castle when the time ends will own that castle till the next war. so on the days of war we would go to a cyber cafe and play from there. sometimes the war was so intense, winning the castle felt so good and when the time ends we cheered and imagine around 10 (maybe more) people cheer suddenly at the same time. it was great fun

i kinda missed playing RO. i played for maybe 4 years and it has been 4 years since i stopped playing. i wonder if my inactive account is still there :P. if you're wondering why i stopped.. it was because i thought i grew up.. but then i started playing World of Warcraft. that is a different story :D
Demoreel - May 2011