Friday, March 13, 2009

Dominance War IV

dah 12/3/09!!! aku siriesly terlupe pasal DWIV. naseb baik mahata msg tadi terborak pasal DW. aku rase kemungkinan utk join tahun ni tinggi gak kot. tak sabar amat >_<

The main challenge is like previous Dominance Wars. It is a character-based competition with game-like polygon budgets, texture budgets and a storyline. When the rules are revealed on March 12th, if artists have not already chosen a forum to represent, they must do so now. Unlike mini challenges, artists must create their own personal 3d or 2d work-in-progress (w.i.p) threads on their selected forums. Everyone has 8 weeks to post mandatory w.i.p updates and everyone is encouraged to help others with friendly suggestions and critiques. Before the challenge ends, artists must submit their final entries into the DW system and when judging is complete and the war is over, this year's World Champions and the winning forums they represent are revealed in June 2009.

harap harap harap sangat aku bleh join n siapkan this thing on time. and harap harap harap sangat aku dapat keje before this thing ends. aneh? takpe

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