Saturday, March 7, 2009

tentang seorang wealthy wise man

i wish that someday i will become this wealthy man living happily with his lovely wife and kids of my own. but what i wish more right now is that i will grow to be much much wiser.. and i sense somehow i still have a long way to go

being wise is.. tricky. well i always think that smart, educated does not mean wise. wise is.. different. but being wise is what i hope to become

so maybe, one really should live in the moment. carpe diem. try, experience whatever.. while we still can. while we're still young. and when we make mistakes.. we take the responsibility and we learn from it. because thats how we'll grow. and if our boss yells at us for making mistakes, we'll learn it quicker. ironically, by fucking up, we'll be much wiser

so yeah.. i believe i still have a looong way to go

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