Monday, September 21, 2009

tentang FIFA10 videos

the new installation of FIFA series will be out this October on most consoles including.. iPhone and iPod Touch.

the graphics looks good, the animation superb as always, but will it feel like all other sports games? we'll have to see about that. i'm not into sports games anymore since that i no longer live with my gamer friends. and that will be a very big influence in me to not get FIFA10.

having seen the trailer.. i think FIFA10 looks very complicated. well if i'm a huge fan of that game maybe i'll make an effort to learn all the skills, spend time to do the tutorials.. and perfecting the moves.. so that i'll be an awesome player. but what if im not a fan.. just someone who wants to play video game football (or some call it soccer) and have fun..?



whatever the game will be like.. i'm sure a lot of football fans out there will be pleased with this game.


  1. good sharing of videos.

    From me to you, suejean =)

  2. my pleasure suejean ^_^ and welcome

  3. i played fifa 09.. didnt like the response... very slow..
    hopefully fifa 10 is better =)

  4. maybe they're making the game way too complexed now. people cant just pick up the controllers and have a good time anymore. oh i miss the good old days :P


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