Sunday, September 27, 2009

tentang TGS 2009 in Japan

i bet a lot of people (like me) would wish somehow a miracle would happen and someone would sponsor us to attend one of the biggest games convention in the world that is happening now in Japan. since that that would only be possibble in our dreams.. thank god there is the internet. ^^

i have been looking at pictures.. videos of the awesome booths (ie: Bandai booth has a huge Gundam head).. and of course the new trailers of upcoming games such as this one:

events like the Tokyo Games Show (TGS) is where the biggest companies preview and premiere their biggest titles and if you get to be there at the show.. you could be one of the people who get to try the demo there.

the videos that really got my attention so far (because i havent seen everything) would be -
1) FF XIV Online - Final Fantasy 14 which is the second MMORPG in the FinalFantasy series. (the vid i posted)
2) Tekken 6 - the brawling mode vieo demo at TGS
3) FF XIII - another Final Fantasy installation.. @_@

right now, there are countless tabs open on my firefox browser.. each a TGS related video of reviews and trailers and demos. all cool stuff. posting it all on my site is just silly so i'll just post the main pages if anyone is interested in finding out more.

have fun ya ^^ (WARNING! if your internet have a monthly cap thing.. be careful :P)

Gamespot's TGS'09 page

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