Monday, September 28, 2009

tentang Getting Some Nangs

no i am not referring to anything naughty lah!

i am still exploring and discovering stuff about Nuffnang today. i must say.. information on the nuffnang website is inadequate. but like i said in my previous post.. there's heaps of tips on other peoples' blogs. and i wanna say a big Thank You to these blogs for posting tips about Nuffnang and Innit.

Thank you Simple Blogger Tips - a lot of helpful tips and those basic explanations for nuffnang noobs like me ^^. recommended go to site for people discovering nuffnang

Thank you for the article about Innit and Tips on how to get more Nangs.

Thank you JejakTrend for the very short yet useful Tips on getting CPM

so what is a Nang? well in Nuffnang's blog aggregator Innit (sort of like, nuffnang members can post their blog entries there to promote it and if people like it.. they'll click on the 'Nang It!' button. the more Nangs you get.. the more famous your entry is. and if you post crap.. people might Dang it and thats the opposite of Nang.

so in the future.. if you like my post please nang it mkay :D

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  1. if anyone is wondering how to make that 'nang it!' button on your posts, there is a guide on Simple Blogging Tips.

    read it here

    oh i just added this after reading shoutbox. thanks jue for pointing it out :D


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