Friday, September 18, 2009

tentang Wii Price Cut Rumour

my first ever experience playing a Wii was last week when after Tarawikh in the city, my wife and i dropped by a friend's place and they had just bought a Wii. they offered a game of bowling and i figured since it's not real bowling.. why not. it does not seem like im gonna feel physically tired from a video game.

awkward and feeling a bit silly bowling a weightless and half imaginary (???) bowling ball.. we ended up playing 2 games of bowling. then we tried tennis.. and then golf (my character gave up.. i really suck at it) and finally we tried Rockband. omfg i know Wii is a lot of fun to play with friends.. but having played it myself.. it is more than fun.

if i have some extra cash laying around right now i'd get myself a Wii right away :P. i was seriously considering it but conscience tells me it's not the time. it would cost up to at least $400 (Aussie) for a console set, maybe 2 controllers and extra games. so no thanks.. although i am still tempted :P

The Rumour

i thought i have overcome the temptation.. but now rumours are spreading on the internet that a leaked Toys R' Us ad (a catalog?), expected for end of this month, shows that the price will be USD$50 less than now. people are speculating that this has got to do with the recent xbox360 and ps3 price slash. maybe Wii will want to react to that and with the coming christmas season, maybe it could be true.

Nintendo didnt wanna comment on this issue. they said they dont wanna comment on rumor or speculation.

read the source at Wii News and


  1. It would make sense for a price cut on the wii after both xbox and playstation did it.

  2. yeah.. and Wii's graphical capabilities isnt as powerful as xbox and ps3. more reason for nintendo to lower the price i reckon

  3. Get a wii! Its awesome ahaha. Get one of those mindless/no point compilation of party games. Seriously you can laugh your heads off.

  4. i just read this.. SquareEnix (FinalFantasy, Kingdom Hearts) big boss predicted that Wii 2 will be out in 2011. thats 2 years away. cool

    but it's only a prediction. :P

    news here :-


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