Wednesday, September 30, 2009

tentang Nuffnangers' Habits

well im sorry for generalizing but having explored and spent time on the nuffnang Innit page i start to see these few but rather annoying bad habit of nuffnangers. i'm not making any personal attacks.. just rather a general feel of how the people are based on observations on the first 3 days as a nuffnanger.

again, if anyone is offended i apologize, and please let me know and i'll try to rephrase my sentences.

No.1 - the squished avatar image.
okay the blame shouldnt be put entirely on members.. i think should change how uploaded image is displayed.. like if the image doesn't fit the display area, cropped it instead of stretc/squishing it. still, the members (nuffnangers) should have a sense of uneasiness when they see their face is displayed squashed like that. it kinda makes the person in the picture look distorted, hideous, and sometimes retarded dont u think? and having multiple images like that kinda make the Innit page look crappy.

No.2 - chatbox abuse.
we all know that some things although we can do it, doesnt mean we should. in the chatbox, it is common that people put links to their article there and i do think it is acceptable. but many have crossed the line of promoting their blog to spamming the chatbox. but since it is kinda common practice, other people just dont give a damn.

No.3 - shit titles.
misleading, outrageous, rude and down right shallow titles to be exact. this is actually a kind of abuse too. people now like to be a jackass and thinking it is fun. a lot of the time i would find it funny too.. but maybe we should know where we can and cant be those things.. especially if it affects someone else. example: titles like "Caught Having Intercourse In Garden - pics!!!" will definitely attract readers. but at the same time it will make look bad. other people might think.. oh nuffnang Innit is filled with perverts and wankers like that.. and nuffnang probably doesn't care.. lets join them!

No.4 - dang!
the reason why that button is put there is as a form of user-based content control. titles like i mentioned before should be dang!ed obviously. but we arent too fond of punishing random strangers right? especially when we know those titles are just a pathetic effort to attract readers to their blog. but then some people misuse the button just to piss people off by 'dang!' a random unfortunate blogger. that blogger will probably visit this trickster's blog to find out who he is resulting +1 reader for the blogger (works best with bloggers with a lot of fans). sad thing is.. most of the time it works!

now suddenly i have this creepy feeling that people will think im that bitter old man living alone in his house down the street. OMG i need to have more fun in life >_____<. so i'll stop at 4.


  1. hari tu ada come across one blog on tips how to get nuffnang traffic, blogger tu kata dia test tips2 tu and its working..n u know what? salah satu nya adalah dgn meletak title atau hint yg lebih kepada 18sx

    katanya more people intend to click into that kind of is damn right!! (saya baik, sy guna title baik2..hahaha)

  2. tu la.. everyone knows it works and thats the annoying thing. sampai kadang2 rase nak join je the shameless immature bandwagon and do the same thing :P

  3. kusut, ko tak payah guna title pelik2 pun still can attract me :D *wink*

    clean layout design, very informative entry, mmg ni kira 'kusut' pandang pertama aku lah ni..hahahah

  4. haha.. thanks for the compliment. although kusut bukan la entirely positive kan

  5. totally agree with point 3!
    all wanna have misleading titles to mislead people..
    then they are dominated by group of people..
    dumb post also they nang.. coz friend friend ma.. lol..

  6. ya la.. always nang because friend. and good content but not friend they dont nang. -_-'

  7. salam,

    Kali pertama singgah melalui Imcurtain, terus ke singgah2 semak entri2 yang lain.

    Betul, blogging bukan ke sepatutnya tentang beri komen dan luahkan idea.

    Dulu minat juga innit, tapi rasa macam tempat tu penuh dengan tajuk-tajuk yang mengarut.

    Kadang2 yang dapat nang tuu satu komen pun tak da dalam post mereka. Kalau begitu "nang" sangat, takkan lah tak dak komentar yer tak.

    Budaya "nang" dan "dang" jadikan macam malas sedikit nak gerakkan minda tulis komentar - dan bukan ke itu tujuan asal kita berblogging.


    Opocot, Going back to english now.

    As for me, i dont intend to lower myself to such quality, and i believe nuffnang should do something about it since nuffnang likes to be associated with the so called hips and hypes of blogging.

    Happy blogging and have a great day ya

  8. yes i totally agree with you man. Nuffnang should do something to these abusers. it is annoying and kills the fun of blogging

  9. sekaraag semua org blogging sbb nak duit je kan rasenye. ntah lah. hehe

  10. hehe.. kalau bleh dapat duit sambil buat something that you like.. then why not kan?

    but yes. some people do advertise too much. content 10% ads 90%. pfft

  11. last week ms nk klik nuff member, ada la topik diorang psl kenapa berblogging? salah satu reason dia sbb nak duit..

    mgkn pada certain org, blogging sbb nak duit, tp rasanya ramai lagi yg berblogging sebab saje suke nak share everything dgn readers dan bukan sekadar duit semata

    (hahaha, tu pasal la duit nuff aku tak naik2 nih)


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