Wednesday, September 23, 2009

tentang Up (2009) movie

released 3/9/2009 in Australia, i finally get to see Pixar's new movie yesterday. people here may not realize but this movie was released in North America on 29/5/2009.. that was four months ago. so imagine how long i waited to see this movie >_<.

Up is an awesome story about an honest old man who is determined to keep an old promise for adventure he made to his wife before she died. so off he goes for the adventure that have been delayed for so long and along the way he met characters who helped him, loved him, and gave him a new reason to live.

i love how some parts of the story is told.. the back story is like a montage, and the main character's background story is another montage.. but a very sweet one, and i have to admit it did made me hope my married life would be as sweet and my wife and i would still be so much in love when we are old and 'kerepot'.

everything is so stylized in Up. the character design, the environment design, even the whole feel of the movie. i think it is really brilliant how the people at Pixar could make everything look and feel so simple yet when you look at it, everything is so detailed. like The Incredibles all over again.. but even simpler somehow

i know i would watch this movie again someday. my favourite movie for this year so far.. and the very long wait for me was really worth it. i think it is fun for kids, and parents would really enjoy it.


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