Thursday, October 1, 2009

tentang My Gaming Memories

i used to be very hooked to Ragnarok Online when i was in uni. it was a cool simple game. a lot of fun when u play with friends.. and like me, most of my friends at uni was playing it. and it used to be free too ^^

my first character, jiraiya, started like everyone else's, a novice and later progressed to become a thief. after a while i became an assassin and through botting i fast-tracked to the max level. it was fun. and owh.. botting is against the rulesBTW.. but everyone's doing it :P

later jiraiya was reborn again and back to level 1. started everything all over again but now that i understood the game better and i had mod-kore (the bot program), reaching level 99 again didnt take too long. and like the earlier job class progression, i became a thief but later progressed to be an assassin cross. advanced assassin. cool huh? with extra skills and stat bonuses.

one of the best part of the game was the War of Emperium. twice a week guilds will try to conquer castles in the Rune-Midgard realm and defend it. the event lasts an hour and the guild who managed to hold the castle when the time ends will own that castle till the next war. so on the days of war we would go to a cyber cafe and play from there. sometimes the war was so intense, winning the castle felt so good and when the time ends we cheered and imagine around 10 (maybe more) people cheer suddenly at the same time. it was great fun

i kinda missed playing RO. i played for maybe 4 years and it has been 4 years since i stopped playing. i wonder if my inactive account is still there :P. if you're wondering why i stopped.. it was because i thought i grew up.. but then i started playing World of Warcraft. that is a different story :D

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