Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tentang 82nd Oscar Quotes

still on the 82nd annual Academy Awards topis :P. here's some quotes from the awards night that i find really interesting.

I think the secret to directing is collaborating and I had truly an extraordinary group of collaborators in my crew.

Kathryn Bigelow, Best Director for The Hurt Locker

..so if you’re out there and you’re listening, listen to me: If you want to be creative, get out there and do it. It’s not a waste of time. Do it. OK?

— Michael Giacchino, Best Score for Up

My advice to young film-makers is: the tools never make great films,
it's what you do with the tools. Telling a great story, entertaining
the audience. That's what is gonna win you an academy award.

— John Lasseter

and the promo video for the awards night. a short vid.. nothing much but i really like the colour. i know it's purple but i really like the tone and all.

more Quotes here (via telegraph.co.uk)


  1. I like what Giacchino said =)

    And I've watched interviews with Lasseter in the past. He always emphasized the story more than anything else. That's why the movies he produced/directed are more story-driven than technology-driven

  2. yeah he's really brilliant. love his works, love his ideas.

    and cant wait for Toy Story 3!!! he's not the director this time but he's the exec producer.


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