Monday, March 15, 2010

tentang Alice in Wonderland 2010 my thoughts

lol i almost forgot to write this review-ish post. it is NOT a review per se, just what i think people should know before watching the new Tim Burton movie. we went to watch it yesterday morning. beautiful morning.

the movie is not a remake of Alice in Wonderland. and it is not even Alice in Wonderland. it is the story about Alice years after the original story takes place. AND.. i made the mistake of half expecting the movie is sort of the continuation of Disney's Alice in Wonderland (i seem to repeat the movie title a lot huh?) back in the 50s.. but it is NOT.

all characters have been 'tim burton-ized'. that is, redesigned to the director's bizarre style. so if u are not a fan of the deisgn from movies Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow; u wight not like this movie.

also.. to parents who plan to take their kids to this movie, i dont think it is a good idea. i think this one could give them kids nightmares. and if your kids are the 'ganas2' type, i think it could introduce them to even more violent behaviours. so parents.. be aware

Alice in Wonderland did not completely entertain me. visually it is impressive, yes. and the environment & character design is pretty cool, however cliche-ly tim burton.. but still pretty cool. the storyline is a little too serious lah for me. if they would have gone with more bizarre and twisted in a more fun environment, i'd like it more.

i dont know how it looks like in 3D because we went to watch the normal silver screen one. i do think people wont miss much. but i do wonder how Cheshire Cat would look like tho.. floating around like that. would be awesome



  1. I also told my fren not to bring the daughter, it doesn't look like a kid's show

  2. come to think about it, i never did consider the original Alice in Wonderland kids-friendly. a little too twisted i guess

    still pretty fun to watch.. but really believe kids shouldnt watch this.


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