Sunday, March 28, 2010

tentang The Hour for Mother Earth

so during yesterday's earth hour we did the same as last year. made dinner and have it during the hour. except that this year i took some pics. just a few really not too much.

earth hour this year was a little different from last year. we live in gawler now, a small town with more people. in roseworthy where we lived last year there were about 20 houses and most people weren't home at the time. so earth hour or no earth hour, it is always quiet in roseworthy.

but living in town, be it a small town, i can see most houses turn off their lights. and it was a kinda delightful sight. i can't help but think about next year. we might still be in gawler to participate in it but we might also already be back in malaysia. if it's the latter then we can't say 'we already did that 2 hours ago, ha!' to fellow malaysian back home lol.

but anyway, to those who participated yesterday, regardless of how it may or may not effect our home planet's well being, thanks. it is the thought that counts.

and btw, dont blame the electric provider company for not turning off the street lights anymore. we need that. older people need it. cars need that. it is for many obvious safety reasons that the streetlights are not switched off. so please guys.. think a wee bit more like a matured person


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