Wednesday, March 10, 2010

tentang Mascot Adelaide Fringe 2010

the adelaide fringe is an arts festival held here in Adelaide, South Australia. this year begining Feb 19 till March 14, the city of adelaide will be buzzing with performances, everywhere. buskers from not only around australia, but around the world would come here and perform in the middle of Rundle Mall. a very interesting time to come visit adelaide.

and around the city, massive blow-up astronauts, the mascot for Adelaide Fringe 2010, can be seen in the park, on top of buildings and one is crawling on the side of a building.

that massive thing is blocking the view for someone's office window. heh.. sux to be that person huh?

click to visit Adelaide Fringe 2010 website


  1. haha at first i thought it's a hippo in pink skirt.. =P

  2. lol kenwooi. u could be haunted by that streamyx hippo :P

  3. bley x pakaikan tutu kat astronaut? haha! proven cute!perlu direalisasikan betul x? :p

  4. terbayang our astronaut pakai tutu. ohnoes~!


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