Tuesday, March 30, 2010

tentang Things You Steal Daily

i don't want to preach. i just want to state the obvious. and there are people who don't know that this what a lot of bloggers do is wrong. but fact is, if you do it, you the owner and people who work on that product could come after you and sue you.

i'm talking about distributing copyrighted materials, illegally.
in other words, piracy.

Do you know that :-

it is wrong to download songs and movies and programs from the internet without paying for it. unless it is distributed free by the copyright holder or third party who is distributing it legally. the copyright holder may not come after you if you download a song illegally but go after the distributor instead, but be aware that you can be charged just for downloading.

it is wrong to distribute copyrighted materials without consent of the copyright holder. a lot of bloggers host, or provide links to download songs illegally. be aware that the blogger that owns that blog could be charged, it doesn't matter if the blogger was the one who put the link or someone put it in the comments section. but the owner must be responsible.

if you decide to backup (make a copy of) your DVD or games installer or music CDs, it is fine. but do not distribute it. treat it like the real thing. it is your responsibility.

if the backup copy you made (with your name written on it) ended up in the hands of some piracy ring and because you made such a good job ripping, they used you back up as the master copy, produced millions of pirated copy, and sold them world wide. if the piracy ring gets busted, you could be charged too.

unlikely, i know. but it can happen

it is not a good feeling anyway when people like me, walking past pirated DVD of a movie i worked on. and knowing full well the sale of that pirated DVD is not helping the company.

so my blogger friends, please stop putting those illegal download links. sounds fun. but it is wrong.

tips: if you want to share a music for friends to view on your blog, use sites like youtube.com. because there is a copyright issue, youtube will remove it. so if it's there on youtube, it is pretty safe to share.

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