Thursday, March 25, 2010

tentang Xchange Widget's Death

a few days now i've noticed nuffnang's little bugger at the bottom right corner of my page haven't been loading properly. they load, yes, but contents did not appear (the word 'Loading...' is con considered content!). on other people's blogs they seem to work fine. in fact i dont see any other blog's widget that 'died'. maybe there were but i missed it

just in case that maybe i made a mistake editing my template file and stuffed it up (whot.. i'm only human!), i got the script from nuffnang website and pasted over the old script. simple.
save... says no. 
*facepalm. something about 'bid' not closed properly.

so i got the next Xchange script nuffnang provided on their site (hey they know there's problem with teh script!), a script for blogspot users (like me) who had problems installing the widget (again, like me).


i use the mighty firefox for browsing. so to test it, i reloaded my blog on my browser. but to properly test, i decided to load the blog on Firefox, IE and Chrome. so i started testing my blog.hum..

Mighty Firefox!!!
this has been my browser of choice since 2004 i think. ditched IE and never came back.

same as before, the page loads fine. except for the nuffnang Xchange widget. it is there.. all the GUI is there.. and in says 'Loading..' indefinitely. *facepalm again. wonder if i let it load for a day will there be any difference? but i'm not that patient.

Internet Explorers.. explore!!!
point of note, i am so not a fan of IE. once i asked people how to uninstall IE :P. but for the sake of this blog, i tested it.. on a neglected, unupdated IE6. to my horror, my blog barely loaded half way. the entries load fine (and rather quick) but only up until the first thing on the right column. i guess IE had problems to load the 2nd widget on that column and timed out leaving the page half-loaded. what widget was it..? the offender is the nuffnang ads widget for sidebar. O M G

but after refreshing the page 4 or 5 (maybe 7) times i managed to get IE to load the whole page. including the Xchange widget is working properly. it is alive!!yay!

Chrome Up!!!
freshly downloaded and installed. i installed it once before and decided chrome and firefox is pretty much similar. but i prefer firefox's searchbox that is customisable.. and users can add (or delete) search engines to their preferance. thats why i decided to uninstall chrome the last time. but that was over 6 months ago i think.

loading up the blog on chrome was unexpectedly fast. that could possibly be just luck. so i'll just ignore the fast loading time for now. my focus now is to see if the blog loads properly. and the answer is, yes it did. everything loads fine. and it loaded fine the first time. it is like a 'strike' in bowling. even if it's just a lucky strike, it is still a strike. lol

so the verdict.. 
my blog ( is designed for Firefox.
but it is actually best viewed on Google Chrome!

lol. i seem to have gone off-topic. the nuffnang Xchange widget actually did not die. it works fine. only that it does not work properly on my laptop using firefox! maybe there is some messy coding in there and undiscovered bug still lurking around. and together with my extremely messy template (the.xml file) the widget just became pening and refuse to work in such a kusut environment.

and owh... this is just some not-so-proper comparison done by some blogger who have no idea what to write today. so dont take it seriously lah :D

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