Tuesday, March 16, 2010

tentang Northern Lights in Adelaide (repost)

so last weekend we went to the city and spent the day there doing the usual, window shopping, lepak2, and had dinner at this thai restaurant. eventhough it rained that day it was still a fun day.

after dinner we went to the art gallery (because we've never been there). the usual.. some cool, some weird, some i think tried too hard, and some totally bizarre art is displayed. meh.

then later, when night falls (and luckily the rain had stopped), the Adelaide Festival light show called The Northern Lights started. they turned the old buildings on North Terrace (it is the name of the road) into canvas of art where colourful 'skins' are projected onto the builing giving them instant makeovers.

here are some of the pics i took that night. there are more but i'll figure out where i'll upload em and post the link here ^^

these pics are of the same building -

and the video how the lights change. sorry i timed it horribly. but i hope u get the idea :D

after a few minutes the projection will change and reveal a new 'skin'. lol i make it sound like skin for laptop and mobile phone :P

more info on Northern Lights light show in Adelaide

For 38 nights, the sandstone cornerstones of our city take the spotlight from dusk until 1.00am. Created by internationally acclaimed, The Electric Canvas, uses digital software and giant projectors to turn Colonel Light's 19th century vision into a 21st century vision in light.

this year the Northern Lights will be from Saturday, 27 Feb 2010 to Monday, 5 Apr 2010. so if you happen to visit Adelaide during this time, dont forget to go see it!

visit the Adelaide Festival website for more info

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