Friday, March 19, 2010

tentang Intense Debate Comments System

starting my last post i have made changes to this blog. i installed a comment system called IntenseDebate.

i wanted to install disqus but somehow it did not appear on my blog. i have a feeling it has something to do with my messy messy template file. so i ended up using this

no matter. i dont really know what the differences are between those two. i just wanted to upgrade :D.

i am a n00b with these commenting system things. and i would really really like to hear your opinion about it. do u think IntenseDebate is a good change or is it too complicated? is it loading too slowly or is it awesomely cool you cried.

so fire away friends. comment on the box below or just throw it in the shoutbot ^^

and oh... for my past posts i think something happened during installation and it disabled the comments for previous posts. sorry. lets just move forward shall we :D

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