Monday, March 22, 2010

tentang Button for

a long time ago i made some buttons for for (read here). they were made really quickly and on a whim. i have a confession to make.. it was really messy and not thought out properly. the size isn't standard and they almost sucked :P

but the good netizens of (BU for short) liked it and a lot of them used it as their BU badge. pretty cool. and i am honoured.

what is BU? read my year-old post about it here, they are no longer beta and have made a lot of improvements since then.

now that i've got over my preferance of big buttons, i've made a new smaller button (width of 80px) for my blog and of course for everyone to use.

feel free to copy&paste the code below into your blog :D

if you like it, let me know ya. thanks!

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