Monday, October 4, 2010

song : Estranged - 'Itu Kamu'

ima share one of the few malaysian songs i love and still have in my playlist even after a few years. it's a song called 'Itu Kamu' (That's You) by a local group (the frontman is AF's Rich if im not mistaken) Estranged

and the music video is actually very good too.. love it! it kinda have almost the same feel with videos made by Ghaz (maggis production).. but with less contrast. and definitely not like most malaysian music videos.. which tend to either look like a karaoke video or a someone's vacation video XD

but anyway, enjoy!

yeah i dont think this vid got the song title translated nicely. i would translate it to either That's You or It's You :P sounds a lot nicer but yeah what do i know i'm just a blogger. heh

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