Monday, October 18, 2010

song : My Chemical Romance - 'Na Na Na'

was browsing youtube when i found this vid. apparently the official music video (the vid 2nd vid below) was released a few days ago (the 14th) and the album will be out Nov 22nd 2010. it is not out yet. cool. i used to love their music because of the energy and the lyrics. i dont mind the emo image and the crap those 'real' emo kids say about them. i just love the music ^^

this song is a lot less emo i think. a little funky and a lot rock!

My Chemical Romance 'Na Na Na' official music video

My Chemical Romance 'Na Na Na' lyric video

i actually really love the lyric video. awesomely simple. yes it's just a lyric video but is made in a very cool way. the official music video is interesting. heh. i dig it but i think some people would go 'wtf?!'.

this song does, however, remind me of this australian banana commercial


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