Thursday, October 28, 2010

tentang Phantasy Core - malaysian digital art comp!

i just found out abt this today (via forum) and i have to say.. i am truly psyched up abt it! excited and right now i really wanna join the competition!

so ok.. what is it?
kind of similar to Dominance War (which is also going to kick off in a few weeks if im not mistaken) but organized in malaysia. so maybe there'll be more local talents participating. and the prizes are in RM so.. yeah. the competition is open to anyone around the world but by the looks of it, i think it might not be so appealing to most people.. and the site's English isn't actually proper too :P

but anyway,

there'll be 2 categories, 2D and 3D art. participant may not use the same design in both categories. ima join the 3D category.

so in 3D (im not interested in 2D so i wont talk bout that one :P), basically anything goes except for 10k tri count total (that means everything total up to 10k tris max), no mecha. hmm what else. i suggest anyone interested to quickly read their guidelines and stuff at their page (link) because it has already started and there's not much time left to start doing what we need to do to qualify.

Submission Date
15th October 2010

Closing Date
15th December 2010

i assume submission date is actually start of competition, and closing date is, well, closing date.
so again, more details can be found here.

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