Tuesday, October 19, 2010

tentang Being Critical

im wondering if being critical is really a negative, positive or just neutral quality.

in blogging, i find often bloggers are more inclined to criticize something than being critical about it. which to me becomes more of a form of trolling and flaming than just a harmless critique. these things happens too often in the blogosphere

if i have not mentioned this before, i try to avoid posting negative things and negative emotions and, well, most things that cause negativity to spread. the only thing  i can think of, right now, that contains the word 'negative' that is a good thing is the negative space in design. that's a positive negative

so i googled up the word 'critical' before writing this post (to make sure im not too wrong, if i am). since uni, after learning what a critical review is, i always thought of 'critical' as an honourable word that is always misunderstood. and i found this

then i googled up ' criticize'

so turns out, 'criticize' and 'critical' is not necessarily a negative word. but often it is used to imply negativity. hence, im guessing, the reason why online trolls think they are criticising but the fact is they are just being another troll trolling.. no matter how smart they make themselves sound. sophists (lol a word i just learn the meaning of here) trolls.

perhaps to properly be critical, one must be able to (and understand how to) think critically. which is, really, to understand the topic, be neutral, and comment on both the good and the bad. owh.. and see the issue from different perspectives.

lol im being a smartass again!

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