Monday, October 25, 2010

tentang Types of Banners According to Me

this entry is actually a part from my weekly post. this week, i just wanted to rant about the important things we should think about when designing a banner. the entry was getting a little too long so i decided to take this part out and post it here. but it still managed to be a long post lol.

you can read the post at


like i mentioned at the main entry, there are many kinds of banners that we use as our headers. but to make things seem simple (:P) i group them up into 5 main groups. text banners, minimalist banners, photo banners, corporate banners and advanced banners

text  - a simple design indeed for a header banner. only text and not much styling but still can look good. check out these blogs' banners -,
if u decide to make a this type of banner, do know which fonts you should avoid (ie. Comic Sans. avoid that one pls)

minimalist  - minimalist is a style of their own (and i really love btw). it is a style that has lots of negative space (empty space). examples -,

photo  - probably the most common (and recommended). choose an image as background, and put text on top.

corporate  - some blogs go for a clean design.. and a very professional look. a good look to choose but somehow, i don't have no idea why, these kinds of blogs love to put wayyyyyy to many ads on their site. which i despise! :P

advanced banners  - these advance banners are probably made by a proper web designer. and the better ones are those that doesn't take much time (and data downloads) to load. if you're interested to make these kinds of banners and you have no web-authoring experience, it might take some time. i suggest you pay someone to design it for you :D

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