Sunday, October 17, 2010

tentang Formspring Form on Sidebar

what is this formspring thingy? honestly i have no idea. its like twitter but less famous and specified for people to ask me questions. not that you can't ask questions on twitter lol.

anyway i decided to give it a go and see if it really can make a difference. the good thing about it (in my situation that is) is formspring isn't as saturated as twitter and i feel no obligation to 'add friends' there since i intend to make it as a medium for anyone to ask me questions and simply answer them. not for IMs or tweets or whatever. it is somehow convenient to me

so anyway, now everyone and anyone (yes anonymous is allowed but i honestly prefer to know who's asking) may ask me anything. simple questions, opinions, help, design tips, etc. i will try to asnwer all of them unless the question is inappropriate. please don't be shy about it
it is really a simple step. type in your question in the box at the formspring widget on the right sidebar and click 'send'. done! i'll answer the question when i get it. no i don't have any fancy iphone or blackberry so i dont get notifications ASAP. but i do check my email frequently.

so again, everyone is welcome to ask ^^

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