Thursday, October 7, 2010

tentang Busy Start for a New Week

actually not too busy.

like i mentioned before, i joined this blog community called i am enjoying the friends there, writing there, commenting and be able to read someone comment before and after me. it is really picking up momentum IMHO

every weekend they'll give an opportunity to a few of us editors to have our entries posted for the whole day. yes, in a way, there'll be less entries during the weekend but the entry will have more attention than ususal.

and this sunday, as it turns out, will be my turn

i am freaking out a bit tho.. because on monday, which is the next day, my weekly post will be due. and to make it even more challenging, the deadline is at 2.00am malaysia time @_@ which is at 4.30am here. i need to schedule this one

ok better get organized and start writing ASAP. schedule the posts and done!

heh now all i need is an idea what to write. ideas anyone? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................

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