Wednesday, October 13, 2010

tentang Reminder For Online Shoppers

blogwalking today i found ajjah's entry about her recent problem with her purchases she made online. i think it is a very good thing to be aware of and shared with others

on her blog she wrote of how this so called 'distribution' company people managed to get hold of the things she bought from overseas while it was at the customs'. and how they tried to scam her to pay more money for the taxes (that she was expecting to pay anyway).

so do read her whole experience here

i do hope people won't be scared off from buying things online. it is enough problems about people falsely advertising things and scamming online to get hold of ur credit card number, now this. i do hate scammers. and they think they can't be caught.

thanks to ajjah for sharing the info.

and an entry by editor d_tieah at about her experience being scammed can be read here (link).

maybe in the future, we'll be better prepared to deal with these people if they targeted us. and maybe make them stop doing these things and realize 'hey people are harder to get scammed' and hopefully they'll stop trying to >_<

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