Saturday, October 16, 2010

tentang The Previous Week

oh now it's weekend again. i kinda hope i can be more productive during weekends. have been too comfortable with the concept of weekends as two days of rest. hope i can really change that someday :P

but anyway, last week have been kinda busy. lots of things to do but got it done so im good. just that i did not manage to post much stuff on this blog. just a few crap but at least there's something.

so last week, i had to write up a special weekend entry for for sunday. i wrote the post on saturday, then scheduled it for 8.00am sunday , malaysia time. the post was about our addictions and what addictions that we have. more like a rant really. i ended it with the question 'what is your addiction?' hoping that it will spark a series of comments. it did, sort of. it was OK.

then on sunday i wrote another post for this time is is for my weekly slot on monday. so i wrote my 'kongsi knowledge' segment and this time it was about composing photos with reflection. fished out the few reflection pics from the photo album (found only 2! >_<) and wrote some things while trying to keep it simple. again, wrote it quickly, scheduled it for 2.00am (@_@ btw!) monday malaysia time

on monday we cleaned up the house a bit. we had our quarterly house inspection on tuesday. it was such a hassle though we did not really have to clean up much. the house wasn't in a mess really. the only hard thing we had to do was to clean up the backyard. a rather small area but since the rain came and went, and with all the sun the week before, the grass managed to grow exceptionally fast it seems.

wednesday is work day.. until thursday. but on wednesday i managed to stole some time and work on my animation's storyboard. (checklist.. most pre production work is done except for the detailed storyboard, animatic, and maybe sound recording). though i only managed to draw 6 frames, but it's 1/3 of the way. so that's good

friday we went to the city and did some shopping and had lunch in the city. nasi ayam hainan was dreadful and my wife had singapore fried noodle which was also very very oily but it's a nice small halal place on rundle mall and it's not too expensive so im not gonna complain much :P. we bought all the groceries and a really cool baking book. we plan to try one of the recipes (that involves baking the cake, decorating with fondant and some cute flowers) this weekend ^^. i have a feeling that my wife will end up doing more work than me :P

oh im glad last week went well. now i really hope that i can finish the storyboard this week and start the modeling process before next weekend! yoshhh!

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