Sunday, October 3, 2010

tentang A Nice Little Blogosphere Family

yeah well a family of 100 is not too little eh?

this little family im talking about is actually a group of bloggers who have banded together and write on we don't come from the same school, we are not the same age and not all us are interested in the same thing. we are completely different, some of us don't even live in the same country.

so naturally, being so different, everyone writes about things they like.. and because there's 100 of us, the topic varies from simple girly tips to heavy political issues. some , like me, like to write about design.. and others like to write about their travels and experiences. what im trying to say is there are lots of things to read.. and quite a lot of them very interesting. i know its almost impossible to love and read every one of them (because there are simply too many) but almost is not definite.

new posts are scheduled around every 3 hours. so, if you visit once a week, there's bound to be something interesting. hey if you visit once a day there might be something you might like. and if you like the writings of one 'editor' (thats what we call ourselves), click on their names and read more posts made by them. each editor will write once a week, so if you pay a visit the same day next week, you can read his new posts. my turn is on every monday :D is not like most blogs out there. we blog because we love to. we are passionate enough in blogging to accept a responsibility and be committed to it.


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