Thursday, July 30, 2009

Astroboy (2009) trailer

i saw the poster at AVCON last weekend and i realize i have forgotten all about this movie. turns out.. the movie is coming out this October. but i'm not much of a fan of Astroboy.. and i'm always sceptical of anime movies not made by a Japanese studio, not that Japanese studios always make good films.. remember Death Note?. Initial D was an epic fail too.

but this one is not a live action.. its in full 3D and it kinda looks alright. if anyone seen TMNT (2007).. the same studio is working on Astroboy. so.. like TMNT, i hope Astroboy will be entertaining and cool without needing an epic level CGI.

watch the trailer-

the movie is about a kid robot made by a brilliant scientist who is grieving from the loss of his own child.. but when the robot isn't enough to fulfill the scientist's expectations, astroboy goes through this adventure for self-discovery and returns as a super hero robot kid thingy.

oh it kinda sounds like Pinocchio who instead of getting to be a real boy, he got this super cool superpowers and cannons and.. he can fly! and off he goes to battle aliens and bad guys. err.. LOLz?

neway.. check out the movie website here


  1. adapsi komik jepun terkemuka...zaman gua kecik

  2. aku ingat sikit2 je cite ni. kecik sangat kot mase tu. tapi cite kimba the white lion tu ingat la. hehe

  3. Looks pretty cool! I'll actually watch it. Didn't really like the original cartoon series.

  4. was reading up about astroboy on wiki and get this.. astroboy first appeared as a manga series back in 1951. and first anime was in 1963.

    omg that was even before i was born.


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