Friday, July 17, 2009

coming event - AVCON Adelaide 2009

i've seen their ad on tv but never really paid attention to it (have to admit.. it is kinda lame) until just now. and just realized that AVCON (anime and videogames convention) 2009 is actually quite interesting. last year i only know about it till after the convention when i saw their poster and remember thinking 'owh.. so thats what those cosplayers in rundle mall were all about'

but this year i plan to check it out. tickets are $35 for weekend pass (if u buy before 24/7) or $25 for a day ticket. could be cool to snap some pics of awesome cosplayers (and perhaps a few fail ones).. check out the games tourney (looking forward for Tekken 5) and attend some possibly interesting stuff about video games. well interesting for me lah (i know some would go pfft geek stuff)

they have art competetions as well but since that i could not easily find the full rules and guides and stuff.. i'll just go and see it this year. get the idea of what their art comp is all about. maybe next year for me :P

anyway check out the AVCON website and learn more.


  1. I had been to Adelaide some years back.
    Wish that I can attend the event!
    You go and keep us update!


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