Monday, July 13, 2009

DWIV - the top 10

whatever happened to my Dominance War IV entry? well i didnt make it to the top 75 :P. yeah i expected that to happen. even when i compare my Metallisk with entries from my own forum it is clear im not at that level yet. so yeah i still have heaps to learn.

the Top 10 Champions for both 3D art and 2D art look awesome. oh i really need to train harder to be at the same level as those top 3. train extremely hard T____T

owh grats to Ced66 for making 3dtotal proud

and... grats to deadred from CGHub for making malaysia proud. her works can be viewed on her blog. if i am an editor of a cg art magazine in malaysia i would make a big deal about it and maybe interview her. but im not :P

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