Thursday, July 2, 2009

next online game craze? JamLegend

a friend put this link on his fesbuk and i thought.. sounds fun. so i tried it and i liked it instantly. the only issue im concerned of is that for every level (song) im playing, i'll have to wait it to load and that equals to data downloads. more song = more data downloads = sad kusut

wait.. what is this game im talking about?

JamLegend is like guitar hero without the need of any expensive setups and special equipments. your keyboard is your guitar (hold it like you hold a guitar if u want to) as long as u have a computer with internet connection just go to and have fun. u can even play it if u cant be bothered to register an account.

it is still in it's beta stage so there might be bugs. but the songs listed are pretty awesome so far. Canon Rock by Jerry C; the rising fighting spirit (Naruto OST); Gives You Hell by All American Rejects; and they even have Super Mario Bros Theme (got 100% on my first try.. beginner difficulty :P)

i say this online game is brilliant. even a music n00b like me can enjoy the game. i could spend all day playing this. and in fact.. ima go play a few more songs :P


  1. it's alike to o2jam...
    but this time only involve three fingers...

  2. Reminds me of O2Jam....looks fun =D

  3. yes like O2Jam.. i tried that game once. didnt like the graphics :P

    the easy stages only involve 3 fingers but i think if u try insane and the harder songs u probably have to use 5

    good luck and have fun!


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