Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sea World and Movie World Gold Coast ban packed food


why oh why did they decide to go ahead with this ban. the two world famous theme parks, Sea World and Movie World, in Gold Coast, Australia will not allow people to bring their own food to the theme park. they claim that the ban is an 'industry standard' and is practiced in most other well known theme parks around the world.

well whatever reason they wanna say to make that decision might be, average families will not be happy with it. all this does look like the management of the theme park is trying to make more money.. and even if they managed to make money selling food, ticket sales and maybe souvenir sales will go down because people dont wanna spend too much after buying their tickets.

but i may be wrong.. and this whole packed food ban will make more money for the theme parks and the everyone who goes there will have a happier and more exciting time spending more money. yay

neway.. i heard this on the news yesterday but i couldn't find the official announcement or anything on the seaworld website.. assuming that seaworld.myfun is the official website. google have failed me this time. but here's an article of it for you guys who love to read more.

i admit i have been a bit lazy these few days. sorry :D

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