Monday, July 6, 2009

tentang Weekend yang awesome

i have to say.. i havent spend weekends like i did this weekend for a while. cant remember when was the last time i went to watch movies two days in a row. that would probably be when i was still in MMU i guess.

thanks to the gift certificate from the three girls, i get to go watch movies and not worry too much about spending cash :P.

so on saturday my wife, me and one of the girls, iid, went to watch The Proposal. a fun, hilarious movie like most other Sandra Bullock movies. i would recommend it as a date movie. pretty good.. not something i'd wanna watch again at the movies but dont mind watching it again on tv or dvd

today (sunday) again my wife, me but this time with bec, went out for a movie.. another movie that is.. and spend the day to watch transformers 2. i have been waiting to watch this one eversince it came out. and i have to say.. i love it. a lot of people said it sucked.. but i think those people just need to learn to have fun again.

transformers 2 is slower than the first movie, by slower i do not mean it is a slow movie. when it gets to the action part.. it is a lot more intense. like angels&demons kind of intense. the less awesome thing about this movie is the super slo-mo part.. not exactly 300 but close enough.

owh i hope there will be one last installment of this title. directed by michael bay again of course

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